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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tropical Park

    both above and below the ramp itself. The only place that really held ramps were the bleacher seating that was all built to follow ADA standards. Furthermore, another advantage Tropical Park yields would have to be the multitude of entrances to every facility, and area of the park. Almost every facility had wheelchair accessible routes, and double doors that could be used within the same operating hours as others. Each of these routes and doorways had placement of the international symbol of accessibility. All the facility entrances were on an outside wall, thus not posing the problem of door opening widths in tight hallways. Each of these doors/entrances possessed proper handles that could be either pushed or pulled to open with reasonably low amounts of force. Another advantage of the park would have to be the proper placement of signage light switches, security, and alarm systems. All facility signage was placed at the proper heights of 60” above the ground, along with being printed in braille so all individuals can properly read and use the facilities. Light switches, and emergency panels were placed at 48”, and operable with the use of only one hand motion. Seating was also an advantage this park holds over its competitors. Whether it is in the bleacher stands, on the field, or inside of a facility such as the boxing gym. Almost every set of bleachers, whether it be floor bleachers, or raised, held an adequate number of wheelchair seating spaces that were minimum…

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  • Bleachers Theme Analysis

    John Grisham’s Bleachers captures the insight of American football in small town Messina. Every Friday night, Coach Eddie Rake and his Spartans storm the field preparing for battle. Anyone with a heartbeat attends the games. To the Spartans and their fans, the football field is a sanctuary and the bleachers are its pews. The Spartans are worshiped. They were given the special treatment and, “during the season, each football player could eat once per week at Renfrow’s at no charge” (Grisham 62).…

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  • Eddie Rake's Bleachers

    Bleachers had taken place in a football-obsessed town named Messina. A small town of about 8,000 lived for Friday night football games. The story was told in third person point of view. The rising action of this book begins with Neely Crenshaw, who is returning to his hometown of Messina. Back in the 1980’s, he was the school’s star quarterback who helped lead the team to a state championship in 1987. He continued his football career at a tech college where he illegally accepted money to play.…

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  • John Grisham's Bleachers

    In John Grisham’s riveting novel Bleachers, the inspiring coach Eddie Rake positively changes the lives of his town by pushing them to achieve incredible goals and standards created by his love for them. The infamous coach would sacrifice his time during the summer to his coach understaffed youth football teams to make them better. He could never neglect someone who needed help and constantly kept the door of his house open to any child who needed help or even clothes. Rake was known to stand…

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  • Greatness In John Grisham's 'Bleachers'

    In John Grisham’s Bleachers, Eddie Rake demonstrates greatness by helping everyone, because he loves his players and Messina. He shows kindheartedness more than anyone in Messina. Rake helps his players throughout their lives. Coach Rake looks past each player’s differences. Eddie Rake cares about equality. He plays each and every player. Eddie Rake puts them in the game based on their ability, not the color of their skin. He made the newly integrated black players feel welcome. He did not…

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  • John Grisham's Bleachers Essay

    While reading Bleachers, one does not know if one should love or hate Eddie Rake. John Grisham writes about the struggles and success that occurred during the years that Rake was the head football coach. Rake pushed all his players exceptionally hard so they could do their absolute best. He would not tolerate losing. Playing for Rake was not the easiest thing in the world. Many of the players would hate him when they played for him. They all had to learn how to forgive him and realize that he…

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  • Slut-Shaming In John Grisham's 'Bleachers'

    The author of Bleachers, John Grisham, tries to create a comparison between Cameron, the Lady, and Screamer, the Tramp, only exploring certain characteristics of each woman. Implied by her lovely nickname, Screamer was Neely’s “hot to trot” girlfriend, and through her promiscuity she is interpreted as a bitter, sad woman in her older years (Grisham 97). Screamer’s counterpart, Cameron, was Neely’s first love with their relationship ending in a whirl of betrayal and shame. Each woman was…

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  • Side Of Rake In Bleachers, By John Grisham

    In the book Bleachers, by John Grisham, there were many characters that were affected by one of the major characters head coach of the spartans football team, Eddie Rake. Rake was like no other football coach, he was tough, unforgiving and even killed a player. Many characters saw that side of Rake but one saw a different side of Rake, Nat Sawyer. Nat saw the touching and …

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  • Messina High School In Bleachers Critical Analysis

    The equality of genders in Messina High School in Bleachers by John Grisham is completely nonexistent. The females in the high school will do anything to be with a Spartan. They would completely objectify themselves just to have the so-called pride to have given up their virginity to a Spartan. Neely Crenshaw was one of these Spartans who had women thrown at him. Cameron was Neely’s high school sweetheart until he became a glorified all-star quarterback. She was never okay with the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Observation Of A Women's Soccer Team

    She was in the same section as her parents, but they were not sitting very close to them. She was paying attention to the game, but she was also talking to her older brother a fair amount, and was on her phone as well. Her brother and her had a large umbrella that they used to block the sun. At one point, she closed the umbrella and started to poke at her friend who was underneath the bleachers with the top of the umbrella. She was also looking out for her younger sister. Her sister seemed…

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