Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tropical Park

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Tropical Park was developed in 1979, on site of what used to be a former horse track. The park attracts roughly 1,500,000 visitors every year. The park has a vast amount of activities, from common sports such as baseball, basketball, and football to more complex activities such as corporate team building, fishing, racquetball to name a few. To host all these activities, the park offers numerous amenities from basic sporting fields, to concession buildings, equestrian center, boxing facility, dog parks, nature and fitness trails, and pavilion rentals.
Tropical Park has multiple entrances; the main entrance that leads you to the central parking lot is located off of Bird Rd. This parking area is ideal for those individuals with disabilities for many reasons.
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The parking area provides more then enough adequate handicap parking areas, as I counted 10 for roughly 2-250 regular spaces. Not only does the space provide the minimum amount of “Van Accessible” spaces, but also all 10 of the handicap spots were van accessible, measuring 12’ for the van, with 6’ aisles. This is much larger then the standard regulation. Proper signage’s, along with painted paths were provided at every parking space. All handicap parking spaces were given priority and placed on the bordering sidewalk entrance to each facility. The next advantage of Tropical Park would have to be its sizeable accessible routes. The ADA standard requires a minimum route width of 36”, however Tropical Park has

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