Persuasive Essay On Glaciers National Park

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One of the best ways to spend your holidays is by visiting a beautiful tourist destination and spending some quality time with your loved ones amidst nature. You can choose to go to a national park and recharge in the lap of nature while going on various adventurous thrills. Glacier National Park is one of the options that you can consider. There are two different parks with the same name – Glacier National park – one of them is situated in British Columbia in Canada while the other is in Montana in the US.

Glacier National Park in the US is directly connected to the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada. Both of these parks, connected by the US-Canadian international border together comprise of the Waterton-Glacier National Park.
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There are plenty of adventurous thrills that tourists can enjoy as well to make memories of a lifetime. For people who want to stay in the park and explore the different parts of it can book any one of the accommodation options available within the park as well as the nearest town or city.

The Glacier National Park has campgrounds as well as accommodation options in the city close to the national park. However, if you really want the best experience, you must consider staying in Waterton in Canada. You can easily cross the international border, carrying the required documents, to come to the Waterton National Park. There are a few options within the park including the iconic Prince of Wales hotel.

To taste luxury and have the experience of a lifetime, you must consider staying at a hotel offering lakefront rooms. Lakefront rooms are great Glacier National Park lodging options. There are a few hotels that are designed in such a way, close to the lakes, that each room looks out to a beautiful view of the Waterton lakes. You can book a room or suite there and stay there to wake up to gorgeous views of the lake. You can spend lazy evenings by the lakeside in the comfort of your room if you book a lakefront room. These rooms not only offer views of the exquisite lake but also offer modern amenities such as satellite TV,

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