Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

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  • Reflection On Professional Identity

    Concepts learned that will help me to be more effective in my counseling work The concept that was most informative and will assist me with becoming a more effective counselor includes the study on consultation. To know that intervention methods can be discussed with other professionals will help me ensure that I am applying my best knowledge and efforts. Also, to know that consultation can be utilized as a problem solving technique to enhance the counseling process for the client can most…

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  • Holistic Medicine Essay

    benefits of holistic medicine sometimes coupled with a homeopathic approach when treating their common illnesses, the question often arises if whether or not this same vein of thinking will apply to their dogs as well. Today complementary treatments, therapies, and holistic medicine for dogs are all now gaining more credence as pet owners and veterinarians work together to find effective methods of prolonging and bettering the lives of our beloved animals. Coming from the word "whole,"…

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  • Gestalt Therapy Case Conceptualization

    intricate part of becoming a counselor. They allow for students to work with a specific theory that may possibly stay with them through their entire career. Here is a case conceptualization from the rehabilitation case study; I have applied Gestalt therapy to help the client. II. Client Overview The client is a 38-year-old, divorced Mexican female, with two children; presenting with anxiety and depression symptoms. She has a successful, good paying career in upper-level management at a thriving…

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  • Summary Of Becoming A Helper

    The book Becoming a Helper by Marianne Schneider Corey and Gerald Corey dealt with the underlying theme of “Knowing Your Values.” There are no set in stone values that are crucial for helping, although trust is an important step that is necessary for the relationship. After trust is built, the helper can counsel the patient. The more the client grows the less guidance is needed. The values that are seen as necessary for helping relationships would be assuming responsibility for one’s actions,…

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  • Medical Error Case Study

    1. Describe your level of awareness of the prevalence of medical errors before this course and reading part 1 Before reading part 1, I was in the delusion that medical mistakes occurs and are extremely rare. After reading the part 1, I realized that medical mistakes are not as rare as I thought it was. According to Institute of Medicine report (IOM) report, nearly 98,000 thousand people die each year from preventable medical error (Gibson, & Singh, 2003). 2. Part 1 of Gibson and Singh details…

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  • Statement Of Purpose Of Physical Therapy

    Applying as a Physical Therapy major to NYIT I know that I have a long road ahead of me. Not only will my education be rigorous but I will have to work harder than I ever have before and push myself through times when the going has gotten tough. Earning a doctorate in Physical Therapy is by no means an easy task. NYIT’s Physical Therapy program is top-rated and challenges its students with topics and issues from all areas of the spectrum. Not only does a Physical Therapist need to be…

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  • Broken Tibia Research Paper

    Your tibia is a very hard bone to break. Most broken tibias are caused by strong collisions, such as vehicle crashes, and sports injuries. In the majority of the cases involving a broken tibia, it is often very noticeable. Some symptoms include unbearable pain, inability to walk, deformity or instability of the leg, bone “tenting” the skin, bones protruding through the skin and the loss of feeling in the lower extremity in which the injury occurred. After the break of the tibia, you should seek…

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  • Animal Therapy Dogs

    back. From the time humans began to walk the earth, dogs were being used for work and to help people that need help. Dogs can be used in different helpful ways all around the world including for therapy. Dogs are great because they are always happy to see a human and will not leave the humans side. Therapy dogs can be used in detecting diseases and cancer, support animals, used to help people cope with stress and comforting or helping people do everyday tasks, and helping people get over…

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  • Self Efficacy Model

    theoretical model allows for successful change based on an evaluation of patient behavior, motivation and learning in an environment of caring and trust and incorporates phases of research utilization based on a foundation of critical thinking and self-efficacy (White, K.M., Dudley-Brown, S. & Terhaar, M., 2016) . Perceived self-efficacy involves people's beliefs in their abilities to exert control over their own functioning and over experiences that affect their lives. Beliefs in personal…

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  • Patellar Tendinopathy Essay

    treatment that could be used is eccentric exercises. In cases of patellar tendinopathy, the patellar tendon becomes weak, and strengthening the tendon helps it become stronger. Doing those exercises might be painful, but “some pain during exercise therapy can lead to good treatment results when pain settles within 24 hours and does not increase day by day” (Zwerver, 2008). Injections could also be another form of treatment for patellar tendinopathy. In severe cases where a conservative…

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