Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

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  • Young People In Recovery Case Study

    “I am a doer!” – Justin Hughes said confidently as I sat down across the table to interview him. The question which resulted in that response was how Justin so early on in his social work career was chosen to lead the Utah chapter of Young People in Recovery (YPR). Justin since starting his education in the field of social work has played key roles in numerous organizations to which he has been affiliated. Young People in Recovery is Justin’s newest project and one to which he holds near and…

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  • Personal Experience Trauma

    When I envision myself working with individuals who have experienced trauma or experiencing trauma, the first thing that comes to mind is my own personal reaction to the client’s traumatic experience or story. I have this inner fear of being very sensitive and empathic to that person’s story that it may come across as a sign of weakness as a counselor or not. As discussed in class, each client may react differently to their counselor’s reaction and may want a certain kind of reaction from their…

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  • Ethical Role Of Autonomy In Clinical Research

    The atrocities committed by Nazi physicians on Jewish prisoners during World War II prompted an international tribunal, convened in the city of Nuremberg, Germany to elaborate principles, called the Nuremberg Code, by which research involving human subjects should be governed. Since Nuremburg, a multitude of regulations and policy statements have been developed by domestic and international bodies. These regulatory guidance documents, share a common purpose: to protect the autonomy, safety,…

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  • Psychodynamic Theory In Social Work

    schizophrenia, his reality and truth will be very different from the other people in the car. I think that the theory that would have the broadest cultural applicability would be the person center therapy defined by Carl Rogers. Rodgers had developed a humanistic perspective of development and therapy. His belief was that all people were born good and that they have a…

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  • Explain Why People Should Train Dogs To Help Disabled People

    I think people should train dogs to be helpful and be of service. Dogs can help disabled people, help find missing bodies and be companions to shut-ins. Dogs are animals that can not only be used as pets but also can be trained to help people in needy situations. This is why I think dogs should be trained to help people. The first reason dogs need to be trained is help people who are in need some type of assistance. Disabled people who are blind, has a seizure disorder, mental illness,…

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  • Group Facilitator Analysis

    I am highly confident that I would be the ideal candidate to fill the position of the group facilitator. Due to my prior education from Barry University School of social work on trauma informed care, cultural competency, and cultural sensitivity. My knowledge, skill- set, and professional experiences as a facilitator at Better Way of Miami along with other previous job functions have given me insight on how to empathetically interact with this population in a therapeutic manner. In addition, I…

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  • Family Structural Family Therapy

    A structural therapist will guide families into creating healthy boundaries. The purpose of structural therapy is to change the structure of families and solve problems. as my family is enmeshed, structural therapists work to differentiate individuals and subsystem by strengthening the boundaries around them. A structural therapist may begin by understanding…

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  • Equine Therapy

    TYPES OF EQUINE THERAPY Within Equine therapy there several forms and style of treatment which range from riding to grooming, which allows for a unique individualized approach to therapy. Since there are various forms of treatment, there is one overall term that encompasses all forms of equine therapy which are known as Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy. “Therapeutic horseback riding uses a therapeutic team, usually including a certified therapeutic riding instructor to help an individual…

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  • Collaborative Model Of Domestic Violence

    Description of concerns The ongoing issues as it relates to domestic /intimate partner violence raises issues for concern and problems that has an impact on the mental status for those victimized. Some of these issues include lack of legal support, awareness, and underlying mental health illness that are exuberated due to such violence. Concurrently, the concern for change is a societal responsibility that requires more effective means of intervention and consultation when working with…

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  • Physical Therapy Strengths

    core values by pursuing principles of caring, ethics, communication, and accountability, and by working with other professionals to achieve optimal health and wellness in individuals (Stern, 2006). Exhibiting professionalism as a doctor of physical therapy positively benefits the patients, community, and therapists in the workplace. For this reason, it is imperative that the student remain attentive and alert during hands-on experience with patients in order to avoid pitfalls. In addition, the…

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