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  • Personal Reflection Essay

    A Personal Reflection Reflection is one of the most effective learning tools that anyone can utilize. It is through reflecting that people can learn from their mistakes and change their habits. By reflecting, people often create new and spontaneous ideas. As my first quarter as a college student is coming to an end, I have the opportunity to reflect upon all of the unique things that I have learned. Out of my three classes, my English class provided me with the most beneficial learning…

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  • King Of Castle Quotes

    I’m the King of Castle is a gothic novel about ‘a victim and a tormentor’. Two boys, Edmund Hooper and Charles Kingshaw, were forced to live in an isolated castle together by their single parents. To a great extent, Susan Hill makes main characters difficult to admire, especially Edmund Hooper and Mrs. Kingshaw who is the mother of Charles. In the novel, Hill focuses on establishing Edmund Hooper’s sociopath and Mrs. Kingshaw’s poor parenting and superficial and self-centred behaviour. Susan…

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  • An Analysis Of Gustave Dore's Little Red Riding Hood

    Lane Brown Gannon Catalyst 110 09/18/2016 MWA #1 The fairy tale “ Little Red Riding…

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  • House On Mango Street Essay Quotes

    English Final Cheyanna Hargraves Transitions- ‘House on Mango street’ My first essay I had no transitions at all, now I have a transition for each paragraph I write. I have learned that it’s a matter of thinking ahead and figuring out what you want to say when you transition into another paragraph. Quoting other books and texts- As I read ‘The house on Mango street’ essay’ I wanted to laugh at how bad my TLQC was. I had no transitions or lead ins, it was sloppy. For example out of my first…

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  • Judith Sheindlin Case

    one at the end for the mediator. Luckily, there was a chair in the corner just for me. I was still too close for comfort to this situation, I did not make eye contact with anyone.—I want you to go back through this essay and correct all of the comma splices—this sentence contains one-- As the parties took opposite sides of the table, the air was thick with tension. If I could have blended in with that white wall I would…

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