English 110 Reflection

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At the beginning of freshman year one of my first assignments at college level was to write a literary analysis. The paper is saved on my computer so I read it before I started writing my final English 110 essay. It was a good reflection not only reading about my strengths and weaknesses at the time but also being able to recognize my own errors and realize how bad my writing was. Reflecting on my early college writing to my current writings shows how much progress I have made and how much I have learned from English 110. Even though I have come a long way I still need to focus on the papers point of view, staying on topic, and grammar. One aspect I appreciated most about the course with Professor Foster is being able to write in first person. Being able to express personal opinions and experiences not only makes it easier to write, but it is coming from memories or thoughts that can be expressed with great detail by the writer. I find when writing in first person I can write more, faster, and elaborate more on topics that I may have a connection …show more content…
As I start to write the first paragraph I will put in extra information that is not directly related to the topic but eventually I will wrap up the paragraph being on topic. It is strange for me to be writing and not realize when I veer off topic but it is so easy to do when I don’t have an interest in the topic. For example, my research paper about CLL was very strong and on topic at all times because I wanted to learn more about the cancer and teach others about it too. When I write about a story or a topic that is provided then I care less about the topic and let my mind flow and write the first thoughts that come to mind even if they aren’t on topic. Staying op topic was always a big issue of mine, but with practice I have been able to slowly overcome it and learned how to talk only about what was stated in the thesis

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