Reflective Essay: Defining Myself As A Writer

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Defining myself as a writer My experiences with writing have not been that great. I’ve always hated writing. Though this past summer I took GENR-091 which helped me a little, and I didn’t do too bad. One weakness I have with writing is that I can’t seem to organize, my thoughts are all over the place. Another weakness I have when it comes to writing is that I’m too wordy. Throughout this course I would like to learn how to organize my thoughts and not be so wordy in my writing. Even though I’m not a good writer, I can learn how to strengthen my weaknesses with help from this course. The class that I took this summer started out hard, but eventually became bearable. The exercises we did throughout the course helped. We did some online activities, and the biggest thing that helped me was the peer review. I didn’t know I could learn so much from my classmates. We did critical readings, which I loved because we talked about them as a class and I got to here everyone’s opinions on the essay or article. Hearing everyone’s opinions was eye …show more content…
I can only hope that this class will help me become a better writer. I want to know how to strengthen my weaknesses, I want to learn how to read my paper and see all the things wrong with it so that edit it on my own. Composition one will be my biggest test yet as a college student, especially since this is an online course. I have a good feeling about this class already. I can’t wait to learn more about college essay writing. As you can see from the above paragraphs, I am no writer by any means. I have a lot to fix that I know about and maybe even more that I don’t know about yet. Writing will be very beneficial for my future career, as I want to go into the medical field. That’s why I’m in this class, to learn. I can only hope that this course will help me learn to strengthen my weaknesses in

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