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  • Reflection: Appropriate And Maintain Academic Integrity

    Reflection Paper The HLSC 1701U course focuses heavily on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, an APA writing manual for students and educators. Johnson guided the students on different aspects of the writing process like applicable in-text citations, proper formatting and maintaining academic integrity. At the beginning of the semester, I had a lot of anxiety over the impending course work, but now I can truthfully say, this is one of my easiest classes. Johnson…

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  • My Writing Class Reflection

    As I look back on this semester, I can see myself grow in many ways through my writing. I thought this class was going to a easy credit, but in reality it was much more. This class involved a lot of hardwork and double checking everything to make sure it was correct. This class had its ups and downs, but I feel that I gained knowledge that will carry me past high school. I think that my approach to writing has changed over the course of this class. It has changed because I feel that I am a more…

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  • Reflection On Wrtg 101

    I often misplaced a comma ending up with a comma splice or misused a semicolon in a run on sentence. I knew early on in the course this would be an area that would give me some difficulty. Fortunately for me the course content helped me understand grammar and its importance in the written…

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  • English 110 Reflection

    At the beginning of freshman year one of my first assignments at college level was to write a literary analysis. The paper is saved on my computer so I read it before I started writing my final English 110 essay. It was a good reflection not only reading about my strengths and weaknesses at the time but also being able to recognize my own errors and realize how bad my writing was. Reflecting on my early college writing to my current writings shows how much progress I have made and how much I…

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  • Contemporary Culture: Portfolio Analysis

    In this portfolio, I have included the following papers for your enjoyment, “Contemporary Culture”, “I Believe” and, “American Apparel”, all of which I have written this semester Fall 2016 for English 101.028: First-Year Composition I at Waubonsee Community College. Each of my papers demonstrates how I have became a better writer, and since I have taken this course I have enjoyed writing more. Each one of these papers are unique in their very own way. While writing assignment two, “How do I…

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  • Essay On What Did I Learn In English Class

    start to improve in my English, grammar, and reading comprehension. Ms. Brown-Hall was my teacher’s name. I thought I wasn’t going to like her but she ended up being one of my favorite teachers. Ms. Brown-Hall didn’t play; she checked every word, comma, and period, from beginning to end. Every time I thought I wrote a good paper she gave it back with all kinds red pen marks and arrows pointing to what I needed to change on my paper every time. I feel like she made me stronger with my reading and…

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  • My Retength And Weaknesses And Strengths In Writing

    lot of grammatical errors, such as comma splices, fragmented sentences, and incorrect verb tenses. Now that the course is coming to an end, I noticed that I excel in guiding the reader,…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On What I Learned In English 101

    wrote. These are significant enough to display my progression throughout this course and validate the “A” I seek. When I began the course, I struggled with forming a clear thesis and supporting it, I also struggled with subject-verb agreement and comma splices. Thus, I identified my strengths as well as my weaknesses in writing; however, I worked on both over the semester and I feel that I have come a long way, but I understand there is always room for improvement. Whenever I was assigned an…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Ballot Or The Bullet

    Don 't Waste the Ballot America, the land where freedom is preached and opportunities are made is, a place where people are still trying to abolish racial tension. During the last year, the United States have been credited to have about 1,100 killings that were done within the police force (Oliver, Jon, Jamiles) The correlation between the killings and the police is that they include racial tension. The headline "unarmed black man" has become far too common in the media, and names such as…

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  • Reflective Essay: Defining Myself As A Writer

    Defining myself as a writer My experiences with writing have not been that great. I’ve always hated writing. Though this past summer I took GENR-091 which helped me a little, and I didn’t do too bad. One weakness I have with writing is that I can’t seem to organize, my thoughts are all over the place. Another weakness I have when it comes to writing is that I’m too wordy. Throughout this course I would like to learn how to organize my thoughts and not be so wordy in my writing. Even though I’m…

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