English 1011: The Most Important Things I Learned

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I have learned so much in English 1011, but there are three things I feel are the most important. I feel like that most important things I have learned are the importance of being present in class, how to write a research paper, and the importance of using a comma properly .
One of the most important things I have learned in this class is being present in class is very important and can be critical in passing a class. In college classes it isn't like high school where if you show up and have missed a couple days you can catch up easily and turn in things late. In English 1011 we have class twice a week and if we miss class it can make us miss homework and assignments and entire lessons which can bring down the our grades, so being in class is crucial. I do not think I have missed a class but I know people who have because they want to skip and many times they have been unable to reach someone to get notes which has caused them to be confused about what we are learning and not be able to turn in homework assignments resulting in your grade being lowered. This class has definitely taught me that going to class even when you don't feel like it is worth it in the time being there and the long run.
The second important thing I have learned is how to write a research paper. I have written research
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Before I learned how to use a comma I often got papers handed back to me that had many incorrectly placed commas and no comma where a comma should be. After this class I know what to do to avoid comma splices and how to recognize them if I have made the mistake of putting one in my paper. I have also learned that if you use a conjunction to connect the sentences you have to put a comma before the conjunction so your sentence will be correct. This is important skill to learn because it will help avoid mistakes in my future papers and it will help me in my writing even past

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