Common Writing Mistakes Essay

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Don’t Get Caught Making These 10 Common Writing Mistakes, Or Else

I know, right? Rules sometimes hinder creativity. This is the reason why some writers don’t like to follow rules on grammar and sentence construction. It’s so hard to play with words if you have to think about the restrictions. But if you 're writing a book or a formal paper, then you need to stick to the rules. There’s no other way to do it since you 're writing for a larger audience and much more formal audience.
Now, if you think it’s too much to remember the eight parts of speech, then you need these 10 things to live by as a writer. These are short but meaty details on the most common mistakes in writing. Now, you don’t have to take note of all the rules, all the time. But all you have to do is remember these blunders and avoid them every time. Are you ready to discover them?
1. Misspelled words are messy.
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Misplaced and dangling modifiers can be a horror.
Do you know what’s a modifier? It’s a word, a phrase or a clause that provides a description in a sentence. It can be an adjective, an adverb, an absolute phrase, an infinitive phrase, a participle phrase, and a prepositional phrase. You know what’s more? Without these modifiers, your sentences will be boring and no fun to read.
6. Word choice errors aren’t cool.
Just because a word sounds fancy doesn’t mean you can use it anyway you want. Your word choice shouldn’t compromise the quality of your writing. So, again, if you 're not sure about its meaning, then keep a dictionary at your side or search for the meaning online. Anyway, if you really want to use a fancy word, you can always look for a synonym because it always works too.
7. Misuse of semicolon should be put off.
According to grammar rules, a semicolon is a half-comma and a half-period. As a strong comma, it should be used to provide strong separation of two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction or to separate a series of phrases or clauses with internal

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