Reflective Essay On Annotating Class

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I am very thankful to having taken this class. Before taking this class I had no idea what annotating was. Now I see that is a brilliant way to edit a paper and make sure that everything that is required of the paper is present. Also, every writing assignment that we have been issued this year came with a mass amount of information on the topic as has to how to write a evaluating, arguing, and an explaining essay. This information is going to help me very much in the future if I ever need to write an essay like the ones we wrote in class. Some examples included that I now know that to write an argumentative essay I need to have rhetorical logic such as logos (logical appeal of argument), ethos (ethical appeal of author), and pathos (emotional appeal of argument). Also, when writing an argumentative essay I should or using the Classical, …show more content…
Using A Writer’s Reference 8th Edition and the material that we have gone over in class I can now say that I have much better understanding of using commas. I never really used to know how to use commas very well mainly for the reason that I thought I was using them the right way all the time (I was not always using them correctly). However, even if I cannot catch my mistakes with commas or anything else while I am writing, I have a better chance to catch my mistakes while I am editing. Once again I used to try to do write my papers as perfect as I could the first time through. Therefore, I would not put much time into editing so my papers were not always the best that they could be. Lastly, planning and organization. I had a very strong dislike to for preplanning a paper. I’m not sure why but I just never liked to plan my paper to an extent. Now, I have no idea what I would do without a full-fledged outline. Outlines are magical how the make writing so much faster and

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