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  • Reflection Of Readin Reading Strategies In Oakland Community College

    still struggling with grammar frightened me. I did not know how this semester would turn out; but now hitting near the end of this semester I have made a lot of improvement in my grammar, especially with comma splices, but still have a lot of work to be consistent in finding the run-ons and comma splices that are in my essay by reading what I have wrote more carefully.…

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  • Bad Habits Of Writing An Essay In School

    As students grow and continue in their education,there are more and more essays assigned. It is the job of the student to figure out the right and wrong way to write an essay. While this is subjective to the students, there are few standard rules that will either lead a student to failing grade or up to the top of the class. While some students prefer to wait until last minute, allow for distractions, and proofread the minimal amount, students who plan on getting a high grade on an essay plan…

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  • Essay About Writing Strategies

    inning, with two outs, and bases loaded.” That tells the reader exactly what happened. With using the grammar strategy you can find punctuation mistakes, comma splices, run-ons, and spelling errors also. Eliminating wordiness is also a great strategy to tie in with grammar because you may need to take some words out of those run-ons or comma splices. When people have an overflow of random words thrown in to a paper just to get the word count up, does not help the reader. Every sentence you…

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  • Reflection About My Writing

    I struggle a lot with understanding when to use, and when not to use commas. I found that I had many errors regarding them, but the most frequent one was comma splices. I tried to link independent clauses together with a comma and without a coordinating conjunction. The grammar lesson in class helped me recognize that I was having this issue. I quickly learned how to correct it. I changed sentences…

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  • Summary Of Thank You For Arguing Sparknotes

    experiences and referring to Roman orators. He Took out comma splice also teaches a few techniques such as decorum and tactical sympathy and goes more in depth about them in later chapters. I learned that each tool have their own tactical benefits and traits which are the building blocks of agreeability and effective-persuasion. The tools are very effective to use and have truly helped me a lot when i’ve implemented them in real life. I comma splice argue much more effectively now which is why I…

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  • Reflective Essay About My Writing

    Reflective essay Writers Composition One has been a great experience for me. In High School I have been never the best at writing, therefore I wrote poor essays, but being in this writing class with Mrs. Martin has helped me greatly improve my writing. I have learned that writing a perfect essay requires three major things to be well written. These three major keys are personal responsibility, communication skills and critical thinking skills. If these are executed perfectly or with little…

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  • My Reflective Essay In Higher Education

    Going in to GSW 1100, I was unsure of my writing ability. My high school did not focus on writing as much as they did other aspects of English. After my first essay was returned, I had a better idea as to what my strengths and weaknesses were at the college level. I found myself exceling in some aspects of writing, but found myself struggling in others. As Dr. Burroughs would say, “No one is a perfect writer, there is always room for improvement.” I’ve encountered numerous obstacles during this…

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  • My Father To Me Analysis

    2. The story you wrote talks about how important your dad is to you. His death is very important to you and changes your life. Although I am able to come to this conclusion after reading the entire story, I am unable to point to a specific sentence that states this. I would add a sentence that clearly summarizes this idea as your thesis statement. 3. This essay is organized like the narrative essays discussed in class. 4. The introductory paragraph is interesting. I would suggest adding more…

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  • English 101 Response Paper

    three major alcohol abuse situations he would be kicked out of the university.” This sentence was a run-on because I placed a comma in the middle of it; when I placed the comma there it made it a comma splice. In paper two my peer mark gave a lot of suggestions with grammar, making me feel disappointed. Keeping what they had said in mind I ended up adding a lot of commas. My peer mark also made me aware of a couple situations where my word choice was not fully clear. Even though I fixed where…

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  • Japanese Sentences That Make Me Wrong

    in WR 121. That class is taught by SATAN. At times when I write, I like to use these “...” I feel Japanese. I say that just because some japanese sentences they leave off as, “But…” I envy everyone who figured it out who put a comma in the right place who put the comma splice in the most perfect spot it made their sentence amazing. I write how I speak… and I just don’t speak like everyone else. I really could care less how I talk but if I could write well it would make all…

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