Thesis Statement Analysis

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Before I entered English 101 I had some knowledge of writing itself but, different types of writing. Transitioning from high school English to college English was a major difference. In high school, we wrote more descriptive and narrative essays. Writing essays in high school was not that complex as it is in this class. My teacher was more lenient with the grading, the structure, and the requirements that were needed. As a class, we didn’t really base essays on writing in general or how writing is related to something, we just answered questions on how writing was showed in a specific article or book. With the different analysis papers, we did in class wasn’t the same as the way we did in high school. We mainly focused on the analysis itself …show more content…
Also, I was told that the main idea describes what we’re going to talk about throughout the story. I had some knowledge of what a thesis statement was before I came to this class but, the terminology we used was different. I always thought it was at the beginning of the story, so the reader automatically gets what the story is going to be about. When I came into this class we discussed how the thesis statement can be anywhere in a story not specifically at the beginning. In my third essay analyzing an article we read my thesis was in my last paragraph it states: [“The purpose of the article “Looking for Intimacy in the Age of Facebook” is to inform and persuade how social media is a part of college students lives, the excessive use of social media that leads to unhealthy fixation on how people are perceived. It also shows how social media affects the way students think and care about what others say.”] Getting a better understanding of a thesis statement and its purpose helped me a little. Throughout, this class as I typed the different essays I still was confused on what a thesis was and how to find it. In my opinion when we discussed a thesis statement I really didn’t get an accurate meaning for a thesis statement because I think it’s similar to the main

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