Thesis Statement Of Class Conflict

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The article “Class Conflict on the Canals of Upper Canada in the 1840s” by Ruth Bleasdale discusses the social disorder of class conflict on the canals of British North America. In the 1840s numerous Irish immigrants were migrating to Canada whose sole choice was to enter the capitalist labour market and accept any wages given by the contractor. However, the unemployment rates in Upper Canada were at peak and several thousand Irish labourers were living in extreme poverty and facing starvation. The thesis of this article claims that the violence caused by the labourers was not due to irrational behaviour but class conflict caused by the economic conditions in Upper Canada.
The author examines an everlasting conflict between the Cork and Connaught
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For instance, the author explained in-depth that the stereotype of the Irish (absurd or emotionally unbalanced behavior) was not the cause of violence but class conflict, which was embedded in Irish culture. The article examines the reason behind why the Irish engaged in violent behaviour and evidence extracted from journals, reports from the Board of Works and reliable individuals such as Captain Wetherall claim that the underlying reason for dispute between the Cork and Connaught communities was unemployment, which led each group to take away jobs from the other group. However, the article also claims that the Cork and Connaught communities united together for periods of time to demand jobs when unemployment rates would reach the peak. This statement heavily contradicts the thesis statement that violence was caused by class conflict. This provokes the reader to think that the unity of the Irish during strikes allowed them to receive increased wages from the contractors. In addition, the introduction is written in a way that it is difficult for readers to identify how many paragraphs the introduction consists of and the thesis statement. One estimates that the introduction is split into two paragraphs because the end of the second paragraph contains the thesis statement, which signals the end of an introduction. However, the thesis statement is further divided into approximately three sentences, which makes it difficult for most readers to grasp the claim or argument of the paper. However, the remainder of the article (which consists of the body and conclusion) is written in an effective manner because readers are able to comprehend the material written and the main points the author is trying to make. Furthermore, throughout the article, the author provides various pieces of evidence that support the main arguments such as government reports,

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