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  • Moving School Short Story

    MOVING SCHOOLS When I was young I encountered a lot of struggles that I had to overcome, [gradebuster #5: comma splice] and it took me a while, but eventually it happened. One of my struggles that I had to overcome was moving to a different school. I was ahhbout ten years old when I moved schools. It was difficult for me because I was so young, had loved my old school, I was going to be leaving all my friends that I had there, and starting my 5th grade year in a new environment.I felt scared…

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  • Process Reflective Essay

    will be introducing. Starting out with an idea within an outline is something that helps throughout an essay, and that is what dramatically had influence in upon writing the final draft I feel like I should be more organized, and being able to remove commas where they do not belong. Also, making the full connections within the subject. Getting straight the point, instead of proceeding with information that confuses the reader. As in giving additional information that is not needed nor was…

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  • My Weakness In My Writing

    In this area I have major points taken because I struggled with commas and comma splice. I have this error in all of my essay, I have a hard time understanding commas and when to use certain commas. To improve this issue, I plan on using my LBH book which covers commas and comma splice. This is one of my biggest weakness that I plan on improving while I am in English 112. I plan to also practice a lot with commas and catching my mistakes. Recognizing my mistakes helps me improve as a writer…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Time My Cat

    error I went back and made all my verbs in the past tense. This helped avoid any confusion about the timeline of the story and fixed that grammar mistake. I also had several comma splices throughout my essay. These sentences were very long and could be confusing to read. I went back through my essay and broke up the comma splices into two or more smaller sentences. Some of these sentences were less complex, but it allowed the reader to better understand what I was trying to convey. For example,…

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  • Thesis Statement Analysis

    Before I entered English 101 I had some knowledge of writing itself but, different types of writing. Transitioning from high school English to college English was a major difference. In high school, we wrote more descriptive and narrative essays. Writing essays in high school was not that complex as it is in this class. My teacher was more lenient with the grading, the structure, and the requirements that were needed. As a class, we didn’t really base essays on writing in general or how writing…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am A Great Writer

    When it comes to writing I do not believe I am a great writer. I struggle with writing as well, I am not capable of producing great writings. I have had horrible experiences with writing. I say this because I am just now in my second year of college. Since I waited to come back to school it seems like I have to learn everything all over again. I doubt myself way to much when it comes to writing. To me writing has and will always be my downfall. The last time I wrote a paper was in the spring…

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  • English 1011: The Most Important Things I Learned

    learned so much in English 1011, but there are three things I feel are the most important. I feel like that most important things I have learned are the importance of being present in class, how to write a research paper, and the importance of using a comma properly . One of the most important things I have learned in this class is being present in class is very important and can be critical in passing a class. In college classes it isn't like high school where if you show up and have missed a…

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  • Common Writing Mistakes Essay

    for the meaning online. Anyway, if you really want to use a fancy word, you can always look for a synonym because it always works too. 7. Misuse of semicolon should be put off. According to grammar rules, a semicolon is a half-comma and a half-period. As a strong comma, it should be used to provide strong separation of two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction or to separate a series of phrases or clauses with internal…

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  • Reflective Essay On Annotating Class

    Reference 8th Edition and the material that we have gone over in class I can now say that I have much better understanding of using commas. I never really used to know how to use commas very well mainly for the reason that I thought I was using them the right way all the time (I was not always using them correctly). However, even if I cannot catch my mistakes with commas or anything else while I am writing, I have a better chance to catch my mistakes while I am editing. Once again I used to try…

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  • Reflective Essay After Having A Peer In My Class

    writing as a recursive process, meaning that we needed to revise our work. In my This I Believe essay after having a peer in my class edit, I used their feedback the next day and fixed errors that I missed. I used their comments on where I should put commas and also grammar errors. Being able to…

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