Moving School Short Story

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When I was young I encountered a lot of struggles that I had to overcome, [gradebuster #5: comma splice] and it took me a while, but eventually it happened. One of my struggles that I had to overcome was moving to a different school. I was ahhbout ten years old when I moved schools. It was difficult for me because I was so young, had loved my old school, I was going to be leaving all my friends that I had there, and starting my 5th grade year in a new environment.I felt scared and nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen. The school I went to before was called Excel. It was a small private school, that I had been going to since kindergarten. It was a big change for me when my parents came to me and said, “We are putting you into a new school¨. It was
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Five minutes into class the teacher had made us write something down and when we were done to raise our hands. I didn’t know that we would present to the class until last minute. That had killed me inside because I was so shy and scared because I didn’t know anybody. The first thing the teacher did was call on me to present first. I had to stand up at the front of the class and introduce ourselves and what we wrote down. It was so nerve wracking when I went to the front,[gradebuster #5: comma splice] I had started sweating and could barely talk, [gradebuster #5: comma splice] I was even mumbling some of my words a little. But I was eventually done and headed back to my seat. Then time went on and recess came, [gradebuster #5: comma splice] I didn’t know anyone so I kept to myself. Eventually the first week of school was over and the weekend came. I was so happy because I didn’t have to be shy and nervous anymore because I was safe at home.Then monday came, and that was a great day surprisingly.

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