Essay On What Did I Learn In English Class

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Throughout all of my years in school, the main thing that seemed to get harder and harder to me was writing. Writing has always been hard for me because English was never my best subject. Ever since elementary. I wasn’t a strong reader. I’ve read on a fourth grade level for as long as I can remember. Each school year English got harder, but I never gave up. Academic writing use to be a walk in the park. All it took was a beginning, middle, and end, after that turn it in. Teachers actually cared about students doing their work, and turning it in on time. Teachers would even let students turn in work late. As long as it got turned in it didn’t even matter. Academic writing teachers didn’t really proofread papers. If teachers actually proofread the …show more content…
Junior year was hard for me because I had a very tough English teacher that checked everything like a college professor and I took two senior classes after school. I took senior classes after school because I wanted to get ahead. My senior year I wanted it to be smooth ride with no worries and early release. The classes were Environmental Science and British Literature. I had two English classes with same tough teacher for both. I feel like this is when I start to improve in my English, grammar, and reading comprehension. Ms. Brown-Hall was my teacher’s name. I thought I wasn’t going to like her but she ended up being one of my favorite teachers. Ms. Brown-Hall didn’t play; she checked every word, comma, and period, from beginning to end. Every time I thought I wrote a good paper she gave it back with all kinds red pen marks and arrows pointing to what I needed to change on my paper every time. I feel like she made me stronger with my reading and writing. Because every mistake I made she showed me how to fix it and make it better so I build form it every time. In the end I ended up passing both classes with flying

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