My Writing Class Reflection

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As I look back on this semester, I can see myself grow in many ways through my writing. I thought this class was going to a easy credit, but in reality it was much more. This class involved a lot of hardwork and double checking everything to make sure it was correct. This class had its ups and downs, but I feel that I gained knowledge that will carry me past high school.
I think that my approach to writing has changed over the course of this class. It has changed because I feel that I am a more organized as a writer. I have also learned that by changing a few words in sentences, your sentences can sound really good. I feel that I have developed my voice as a writer by taking this class. When I first decided to take this class, I was not confident
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I have learned to use a variety of different sentences and I have a better idea of good word choice. I also learned how to write without linking verbs, which at times seemed impossible to do. Some areas that still need improvement are making sure that I have the right tense of words. A way that I plan to get better from this is to reread my papers a little more carefully. I could also improve my format of my paragraphs in research papers. I will try to improve that by not writing my paragraphs and then checking to see if I had the right format. Though my writing has grown a lot this semester, I want to try to keep improving my …show more content…
I also think that it would be helpful to do some of the activities during first quarter together, but each pod does a couple question and then explain the answer with the class. This would get groups to work together and everyone would understand it. Another activity that I thought could have been done better is the essay test. I think it would be helpful for the next classes if you were to either give an example of a good essay test, or have a practice essay test that did not count for a

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