Reflection On Wrtg 101

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Reflective Essay
I took WRTG 101 to complete my Community College of the Air Force degree. After attempting to take multiple English courses from different college institutions for the last two years. I find the course drawing to a close, coming a long way from the start of the course where I would rate myself a 3 out of ten. Because I never enjoyed taking any type of communication course being written or oral. Never having a real interest in the subject, procrastinating to the very last minute to turn in assignments or just not turning assignments in at all. I began taking WRTG 101 with very limited knowledge on how to properly write. Now with the class near completion I feel that I have slightly improved. This course really challenged me
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I often misplaced a comma ending up with a comma splice or misused a semicolon in a run on sentence. I knew early on in the course this would be an area that would give me some difficulty. Fortunately for me the course content helped me understand grammar and its importance in the written English language. With tools like Comfit assisted me in excising my grammar skills.
What I most liked about Comfit was the quizzes themselves. You’re able to read over material in a mini lesson and take a short quiz to test your knowledge on what you learned. If you fail, the quiz Comfit will show you your weaker areas and provide you the ability to take the quiz again. This provided me increase my grammatical knowledge even though I tried some quizzes multiple times.

-I very much appreciated UMUC OneSource library when researching a topic to write about for assignment #3. Even though I have completed other research assignments in the past this assignment gave some difficulty. Following the course content I was able to write a viable research paper on anthropogenic climate change, a subject that I am passionate about. When writing the assignment, I used skills that I learned in previous papers. I used prewriting when coming up with points of view for my research. The length of the paper gave me the most trouble since English is my weakest subject. A 1500-word paper seemed impossible for me to write never the less
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I feel that I am still grasping the basic premise of the format. Specifically, during the research portion of the course. I flounder on the format by forgetting to include a few elements. For example, I learned that you must have a title page and abstract which my paper was lacking. Also, creating a bibliography to properly list the cited sources was something that I haven’t done since high school. However, I did learn a quite a bit from the assignments that required me to use this

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