My Retength And Weaknesses And Strengths In Writing

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Throughout the ENGL 1101 course, I have drastically noticed my strengths and weaknesses in my writing from all of the assignments I have written. For instance, in the first major writing assignment I was assigned to write a personal narrative pertaining to an event or critical point that happened in my life. Throughout out this essay, I noticed that I had strengths in guiding the reader, such as using transition words and placing the information in chronological order. Although, I noticed I had weaknesses as well, such as being detailed with my essay, using words correctly, and having a lot of grammatical errors, such as comma splices, fragmented sentences, and incorrect verb tenses. Now that the course is coming to an end, I noticed that I excel in guiding the reader, …show more content…
However, I also noticed that I have difficulty with arguing a position in an essay, describing and using a variety of details, developing a research/writing process plan, providing too much information, and having grammatical errors, such as punctuation errors dealing with commas for the most part. Based on all the writing assignments I completed for this course, I will discuss the main strengths and weaknesses I noticed in my writing that has helped me tremendously for my future of writing. To begin, in the first major writing assignment, I used only a few transition words for each beginning paragraph in my paper, such as also, needless to say, and in conclusion. Although, in the second, third, and even

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