Contemporary Culture: Portfolio Analysis

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In this portfolio, I have included the following papers for your enjoyment, “Contemporary Culture”, “I Believe” and, “American Apparel”, all of which I have written this semester Fall 2016 for English 101.028: First-Year Composition I at Waubonsee Community College. Each of my papers demonstrates how I have became a better writer, and since I have taken this course I have enjoyed writing more. Each one of these papers are unique in their very own way.

While writing assignment two, “How do I fit in to Contemporary Culture?” Made me think a lot about how society now still likes to isolate one another based on ethnicity, gender and, social status. In this paper I had to write a literacy narrative that narrates my cultural identity. Some
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In High School all I would ever earn was a solid C on essay’s. To my astonishment I had earned a 95 percent, A. I was thrilled beyond belief because I always thought I was a horrible writer. From writing this paper I have learned that constantly editing is never a bad thing, and to not add so much gibberish in the mix. Just get to the point rather than it being that extra two run on sentences. Getting to the point has gotten me better grades than having myself try and force a couple of sentences out, and it become garbage. The last couple of nonsense sentences could really affect one’s grade.

My third writing project was an “I Believe” essay. Instead of talking about the basics of what society struggles with everyday, I had to pick something that was important solely to myself. No writing about abortion, same-sex marriage, capital punishment and religious beliefs. I had to have solid proof that what I was arguing about was valid and thorough. I went about the assignment from experience at my job now. I work at a retirement home and I can not stand the negleagance I see from Nurses and C.N.As every single day. It amazes that people who are supposed to loving and caring are very
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Its main focus was about how we as a society live in a “Visual World”, meaning that we only care about the visual elements. Some questions that had helped me frame my paper are “Can visual images dictate a person 's taste?” and “Who is privileged because of it?” It made people think about how and why people only look at the attractive things, and not look much further within. Having to use two visual elements to support the paper and make sure the pictures were up to date. I remember walking in the mall and seeing a store called “American Apparel” and I thought to myself “wow.” The models were practically naked and I did not know whether I was in a clothing store or a sex shop truthfully. So, that sparked my interest in to writing about something so sexist since the women were always naked, and the men were not. It was overall very

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