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  • Dialogue Essay: A Short Story

    Surrounded by an escort of the horsemen of King Alric’s Royal Guard, Larah and Riasean rode for an hour before she broke the silence. “So, you are an assassin?” Riasean gripped the reins of his horse tighter. There is no point denying the fact. “Yes,” he admitted. “How did that happen – I mean how do you find yourself in the business of killing?” Where to begin? Best keep it simple, and as close to honest as possible. “One has to do whatever it takes to survive – in my case, growing up in Tamor, it was simple – kill or be killed.” Larah remained silent. He pursed his lips, seeking a way to break the awkward silence. “Since the subject came up, how did you become a Druid?” “I was born in Avalir and have spent my whole childhood training to…

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  • Fazbear's Pizzeri A Narrative Fiction

    that nobody else sees..” Freddy stood by the guards doorway smirking “Open up.. you wont last forever..” he chanted laughing slightly. He heard a small whimper from the backstage area and blinked in confusion. He walked to the backstage area and opened the door slowly “Chica..? Bonnie..?” he asked looking in. He saw a small girl huddled up in the corner, she was covered in some blood and wearing a black jacket and small purple dress. Freddy’s eyes widened as he remembered the small girl from…

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  • Informative Essay On School Rules

    usually went out to eat when they visited their families our they stayed at home and watched movies and eat popcorn. They had stopped at a gas station and they got all kinds of fans crowd around them so they had to be escorted to their car from a security guard. They said thank you to the security guard because he was so nice to them. The next stop was back to there old school to see what the principle believed and if he did . The group walked into the school and as they walked into the…

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  • Examples Of Monologue Of Nerian

    He disregarded what I had told him earlier and still tried to save me. My hands are free but I merely look at Nerian with eyes of sadness. I close my eyes and I remember an image of Nerian and what he had told me inside our cells before we left. 'You don 't decide on when to have courage. It comes from within you. It wakes your soul making you do the impossible. ' I open my eyes to the sight of Nerian being knocked down by the guards. One punches him on the stomach and the other punches hik…

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  • Lap Pool Narrative

    floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the pool show that we are down a guard, and it is only moderately…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Was Put To Jail

    I planned my escape carefully. 3 months of studying the patterns, exits, and the patrollers. Every day I wake up and plan, so far I know each guard switches out every 4 hours, and there's a small opening for about 5 minutes every time a guard is switched. I planned to sneak when a guard is switching and to plant the charges near the main heater. My friend Johnny will be waiting for a phone call telling him to ignite the charges and get me out of here. I asked the guard if I could use my one…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Summer Job

    Each day had its own new challenges it liked to throw at me. From irresponsible adults who try to drop their kids off at the pool and leave to kids who couldn’t swim and jump into the deep end, to even families who lacked at least one family member could speak English. My pool was a single guard pool with approximately two guards. Two guards to switch on and off all summer. With that being said, my biggest challenge there was giving up my entire summer for this place and working at the least…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Go Back To My Cell

    We all were assigned a task, Bram was the one too find police uniforms for everyone, she worked laundry, it shouldn't be too hard. Dara was the one to find the cell key, she had a guard who really like her. Sidney was the one to find a way for us to get out, she used to be an engineer. That was the easy part, figuring out the plan, but to complete it, was gonna take brains over brawn. 10 days past by and almost everything was complete. The last thing was too put it into action. This is going to…

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  • The Garden Of Eden-Short Story

    I saw one of the younger kid’s he was about thirteen years old with short hair, he was struggling a lot with the course and began to lose his breath. He fell at the second to last hurdle and everyone began to over take him. I looked over to the guards… they noticed him. One of the guards came rushing over, swearing at the boy and lifted the boy by his ear. The boy began to whimper as the guard threw countless slaps across the boy’s face. The guard took the boy into the…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Surviving Tabora

    rattle shake are the only noises we hear when we enter. In my ears I sense a cry throughout this filthy dump, a cry so emotional it would make you feel pain for your own being. My focus is snapped in half by the piercing roar of the fiery guards. “Off the truck now!” The guard screeches with his automatic rifle gun pointed at our heads waiting for one of us to make a mistake. One by one I nervously wait for my name to be called that my hands are so clammy it is like a pond of water in my…

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