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  • Galius: A Short Story

    I have the letter right here.” Reaching behind his breast plate, he pulled out a letter. The soldier took the letter and with his comrade moved away to discuss its content among themselves. Finally, after much debate, they concluded that the royal insignia imprinted upon the letter, was not a forgery, returned and saluted the new Captain. “Please forgive us sir, but you must understand the reason for such measures.” “No, I do not soldier.” “Sir, have you not heard? Holdrum is invading the southern outpost of Talisk as we speak. Soon they will be marching toward the capital.” “If that is true, I must meet with Queen Vilora immediately.” “Yes, sir.” Signaling to the gatekeeper, the massive gates slowly opened, allowing Cross and his men to enter and once inside, giving his men orders to go to the barracks and get settled in while he went to meet with the queen. Walking quickly through the city of his birth, he made mental notes of the locations to new places of interest that he…

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  • The Handmaid's Tale Chapter 5 Analysis

    Karolina and her mother stood behind the Princess and the Dowager Duchess as they curtsied and welcomed the royal couple. Theresia instructed the servants to take their baggage to their rooms in the palace. The Grand Duke acknowledged the Dowager Duchess and the Princess with a slight nod as he strode into the palace. The Grand Duchess said nothing while noticing the various stitching repairs made to the Dowager Duchess’s gown. The 10th Duke and the Duchess of Hamilton arrived not soon after the…

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  • Gender And Gender Stereotypes In The Princess Merida

    movie, we see that princess Merida is not acting as though she is a princess. She would rather shoot her bow and arrows at targets, ride through the woods, and are in a way, tomboyish. Her mother, Queen Elinor is proper, gives the rules, and expects higher things from her daughter rather than the three boys. In addition, the boys in the movie are rowdy, they pester the poor maid, they eat a lot, and they enjoy the sweets! The same could be said of the King though. He eats gigantic meals and…

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  • Marine Corps Mission Failure

    Simon Sinek believes true success lies within knowing why we do things, and great leaders are those that are able to communicate this to them. However, delete however since you agree with what he is saying. I believe understanding why we do things is directly associated with success in business and our lives. By building trust amongst employees and friends, this helps people invest in the company and the merchandise that it produces. In the Marine Corps, understanding why we do what we do is…

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  • Narrative Essay About Being Afghanistan

    Afghanistan: There were many challenges in the military but I am choosing to write about one scenario that made me realize what type of person I am. Even though I had struggle all through school, I was surprisingly good at being a Marine. Once I finished my first year in the military my parents grew to be pretty comfortable with the idea of me being in the corps. I think it is because they saw that I was finally growing up. In the Marine Corps they do not care about excuses and they definitely…

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  • Characters In A Few Good Men

    [10/19/15, 10:38:34 PM] Samantha Kaplan: Have you ever noticed a leader who exaggerates his or her self importance? In the play, “A Few Good Men,” by Aaron Sorkin, Colonel Jessep frames Pfc. Downey and Cpl. Dawson for committing the murder of Pfc. Santiago during 1986. These men are part of the United States Marines Corps in Guantanamo, Cuba. As part of the marines, the men are supposed to live by the marine code of defending their unit, God, corps, and country. Living by the marine code…

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  • Stress In The Marine Corps

    The levels of stress and emotions varies in every profession. One of the careers known for having a lot of stress and mixed emotions is being a part of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is part of the United State’s military branch, and are known for their discipline, strength, and willpower. I interviewed one of my brother’s closest friend, Miguel. He’s a former Sergeant in the U.S. Marines, who explained what emotions and stress a U.S. Marine deals with on a daily basis. The question is, how…

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  • Rock Bottom Speech

    Rock Bottom I always say whenever I am in trouble I think that I am in “rock bottom”. Like when I have a bad grade, have a bad day at work, or when I get upset at my parents, I want to relate myself to rock bottom. But, if I look at my position from a different view, I should be lucky I have the Tennessee Promise scholarship to keep me in school, I should be happy that I am employed, and I should be blessed enough to have parents to even become upset about. I realize those little hardships is…

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  • Pirates Galleons And Treasure Analysis

    When watching “Pirates, Galleons, and Treasure: Globe Trekker”, one certainly does learn something about pirates and their history. However, that does not mean the documentary is particularly useful. In fact, the documentary while mostly accurate still has some small discrepancies and does not provide enough detail for it to be helpful to those actually studying pirates. The documentary is a fun resource for those who want basic facts, but leaves some facts to assumptions and seems to gloss over…

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  • Lack Of Innovation In Germany

    History shows that when faced with unpalatable choices and the reality of the environment-capability gap, leaders often cycle back to prior phases in the design process . The British Royal Navy confirmed this regression when they dismissed the findings of the 1924-1925 Newport simulations, which revealed superior advantage to carriers that could mass aircraft in repetitive pulses. Although, the Royal Navy lacked this capability, they discounted emerging doctrine from the US Marine Fleet…

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