The Handmaid's Tale Chapter 5 Analysis

Chapter Four
Karolina and Theresia finished dressing and met Princess Marie and her mother in the main entrance of the palace greeting their guests. The Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess of Baden were arriving and stepping out of their carriage.
Karolina and her mother stood behind the Princess and the Dowager Duchess as they curtsied and welcomed the royal couple. Theresia instructed the servants to take their baggage to their rooms in the palace. The Grand Duke acknowledged the Dowager Duchess and the Princess with a slight nod as he strode into the palace. The Grand Duchess said nothing while noticing the various stitching repairs made to the Dowager Duchess’s gown.
The 10th Duke and the Duchess of Hamilton arrived not soon after the Baden
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He predicted her cousin Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte would declare himself Emperor in France after he regained power. The chargé d 'affaires merely nodded, bowed and took his leave of the Grand Duke to join the other guests in the great hall.
The chargé d 'affaires then spied the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton in the great hall and hurried to present himself. The Duke was Premier Peer in Scotland and the British Queen expressly instructed him to assist the royal couple in any manner while he attended the wedding of their son. As he approached them, he bowed and excitedly conveyed good wishes from the Queen for the pending nuptials of their son.
The Duke nodded and reminded the chargé d 'affaires to inform the British Queen of all of the members of royalty in attendance during his regular report to the Queen. He was acutely aware that she scoffed at his future daughter-in-law’s royal lineage claims, but he reminded the chargé d 'affaires of the bride’s mother’s relationship to Napoleon Bonaparte and his nephew, Louis-Napoleon. The Duke turned his attention away from the chargé d 'affaires with a wave of his hand and walked away with the Duchess to join the other

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