Narrative Essay About Being A Marine

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I can remember my friends telling me how much they loved their lives as a Marine. Wasn’t sure what was so important about being a Marine or what made them so happy. I can remember 2 years ago my friend Jade kept asking me to go and do workouts with him and his recruiter. I never wanted to go because I thought it was going to be boring and was going to take too long. After a while he joined the Marines and was extremely excited that he made it. He never got to travel a lot but after he joined he was able to go anywhere he could think of. I remember him telling me how exciting it was. The only thing is it’s not always fun, he had to go through basic training. The Marine Corp has 13 weeks of training that he had to push himself to get through. …show more content…
After he does that he gets chow time (lunch) then back to class, after class he goes to PT where he works out and trains. Then he’s done for the day he has the rest of the day as free time and can do what he want. The amount of time in MOS school depends on his job, but after he joins a fleet. This means he does his job 8 hours a day and then done for the day.
Kyle hasn’t had anything really exciting happen yet, but the hardest thing he has done yet has to be the Crucible. That is the ending of Basic Training and the hardest part about becoming a Marine. The other thing he will experience is deployment training, knowing that training will help him while he is deployed. That is the life of a new Marine that hasn’t been deployed or finished his MOS schooling yet.
Kyle enjoys living on the base he said “It’s like living in a small apartment and you get one or two roommates.” Living on base is like living in a small town and you do what you want mostly. After 4 P.M. you are free to do what you want just like a normal eight hour day job as a civilian. Kyle is glad that he joined the Marines he likes the freedom he gets and it doesn’t feel like a job to him. It feels nothing like a normal job it’s mainly all
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“We go through the roughest times in our lives and the best times together.” The adventures are amazing being able to go around the worlds and seeing many things. “The memories you will have from firefights in the deserts of Afghanistan to spearfishing in Australia.”
I have had a small experience with how life will be in the Marines. I have PT every Thursday, where I go and do workouts and do drills with other Marines and other recruits. We do several different types of workouts that help us build up a pain tolerance and helps lose weight. Every couple of weeks we have an IST workout, an IST is the requirements to become a Marine. You have to do a minimum of three pull ups, 100 sit-ups in two minutes, and run a mile and a half in 13 minutes as a male joining.
The first Saturday of every month is a special PT that we do to help us get more in the mind set of being in the military. The recruiters will tell us to do something then make us doing it again and again. They don’t talk to you it’s more of screaming and yelling so you know what it’s going to be like when you go to Basic Training. The PT workouts that we do every Thursday are harder than any workout we will do at Basic

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