Personal Narrative: Nerian

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Nerian looks at me with a stern expression. "I don 't think I can save anyone here, but I think I can save you. I shall help you escape my uncles wrath for you do not deserve this kind of fate."

"What? Neither do you nor anyone else in this room. I may not look like it, but I have experience in fighting. I 'll fight our way out and and.. I 'll-" Nerian puts his hand infront of me. Is stop, and he smiles.

"I appreciate the thought Fafnir, I really do. You have courage that only few posses. I am glad that I have met you, but alas those who do not posses the courage that you have might become envious and try to imitate it. I have thought of myself as weak, but I think now is a opportune time to change all that."

"I 've always thought of something
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He disregarded what I had told him earlier and still tried to save me. My hands are free but I merely look at Nerian with eyes of sadness. I close my eyes and I remember an image of Nerian and what he had told me inside our cells before we left. 'You don 't decide on when to have courage. It comes from within you. It wakes your soul making you do the impossible. '

I open my eyes to the sight of Nerian being knocked down by the guards. One punches him on the stomach and the other punches hik on the side of his face, forcing him down on the ground.

The guards hold me down as to prevent my escape. Nerian faces me with a bloodied face. "Why Fafnir? You have so much to live for."

They drag him away by force up to the platform. They push him down on a block of wood where his neck fits perfectly. The people all watch silently with looks of malice still.

The man dresses in black approaches Nerian. Something beats from inside me as the man I black takes a step forward. I feel a burning sensation welling up from inside me everytime the man takes a step forward. *thump* *thump* *thump* my heart beats fast.

I try to inhale and exhale as deeply as I can to calm myself. I can 't... The feeling won 't go away... *inhale* *exhale* I can 't stop it. I look at Nerian and the man once again. He closes in on him. He prepares to lift the giant halberd in the

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