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  • Port Scanning Policy

    2. Policies Associated with vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing: Organizations should enforce policies that must be strictly adhered by all associated people to make penetration tests successful and maximize the vulnerability detection rate and fix the detected risks. a. Port Scanning Policy: 1. Purpose and Scope: The purpose of this port scan is to get the information about the devices connected in the network and get verified from the security officer so that none of the…

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  • Child Development Center Observation

    The Child Development Center is a gated area. Not only does a fence surround the whole building, in order to get into the building it is necessary to press a call button or present an ID badge. Someone on the inside of the building has to grant access to any visitors. However, this method is not bulletproof. Because you only need to push a call button to enter, anyone could easily push the button and be followed in by someone else or people who are granted access could hold the door open for…

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  • Clem Hall Case Study

    Clem Hall, one of UW-Whitewater residence halls, should receive a C rating for adherence to universal design standards. A person using a wheelchair could not enter the building because all entrances either have stairs outside the building before the door or open to a stairwell. Someone with a visual impairment could at least get inside the building. The lock system has an auditory and visual cue to let users know if unlocking was successful. Additionally, most signs have both braille and raised…

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  • Qihoo 360 Case Study

    corrected.” Therefore, Zhou set up an internal team to work on an application that would clean up malicious software. In July 2006, 360 Safe Guard was officially released, a freeware dedicated to the cleanup of malicious software. Targeting real use needs, 360 Safe Guard hit the market with immediate success. Later, a number of other features were added to 360 Safe Guard, including system cleanup. By June 2007, the market share of its monthly unique users grew to…

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  • False Sense Of Security Essay

    White Paper on The False Sense of Security Each industry is face with detractors and the Security Industry is no exception. When you think of the Security Industry you think of extra measures being taken to protect different forms of assets. You also think of certain levels of competence being used to implement these extra measures. While the Security Industry often tries to reduce/eliminate its unique detractors it very often overlooks some of the key causes of security issues. These issues…

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  • Racism In The Criminal Justice System Research Paper

    It seems as if African American struggle for equal rights as citizen is still ongoing. For example, George Zimmerman an armed neighborhood watch security guard shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman did not follow direction when the 911dispatcher told him to stay in his car. Instead he gets out of his car and shot and killed the young man. Instead of him getting arrested and charged…

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  • Zero Tolerance Laws

    Security presence can help forestall school violence in the U.S., along with visual and sound-related radio frameworks to keep undesirable guests from entering, in addition to a zero-resilience arrangement for weapons for all students and school faculty. Due to schools lacking in proper preventive means, troublesome events have occurred which leads, to the belief that schools are no longer as secure of an environment as they once were; to reverse this, schools must enforce more severe protective…

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  • Essay On Armed Security

    LBCC security budget is $169,400, for expenses other than wages for the employees. This amount is called the community services budget. This has to cover the insurance and other expenses. To have security guards trained and have the right equipment is will cost money that LBCC security does not have. However, LBCC makes a profit of $31,5595,769. Glock pistols,the average policeman carries, will cost an average of $540 a gun. Bulletproof vests would be about $800 per person. The safe to safely…

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  • The Wanted: A Short Story

    I sat in a chair and tapped my fingers on the table as I stared at the clock. Tick tock tick tock. I gave up staring at it and started to pace around the living room. We’re never going to make it, I thought We’re going to be all the way in the back. Today was the day, the day I would finally see my favorite band (well at that time it was) The Wanted. “Ma, what if we the line is too long?”, I asked. “Julie will get here she is almost out of work”, my mother replied in spanish. Earlier this month…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Alternative High School

    I graduated from Hobbs alternative high school in Roby Texas, in 1997. The alternative school was for students who had been in trouble or for girls who were pregnant and needed to finish school a little sooner or at their own pace. I was not a trouble maker, nor was I pregnant. The school was offered to me as an alternative to spending another year in high school because I did not have enough credits to graduate. I had move between North Carolina and Texas in high school and did not have enough…

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