The Target Hack Of 2013

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The Target hack of 2013 resulted in the loss of 40 million people’s credit card numbers, and the loss of 70 million people’s email address, phone numbers, and more. The majority of retail stores focus on selling their products to consumers. The security for retails stores can receive very little attention. Target was working to increase their IT security by hiring Fireeye to install a 1.6 million dollar security system. The system would send Fireeye notices of any security breaches. Fireeye would then send the area of concern to the main IT office for Target in Minneapolis. Target also had implement another protection measure with a group in Bangalore that watched their systems 24/7 to also notify the IT office of any risks. The hackers started installing the malware on November 30, 2013 and it was placed to work similar as other parts of the data system. This made the software more likely to blend in with other components of target’s software. They were able to gain the original access into the system through Fazio Mechanical Services. The hacker’s software was noticed by both security companies in their first installation of the malware. The security teams sent warning to the securities main office. Target made no response or action to the alerts of malware. The software was keep in the system until December 2, 2013 without any data leaving but they had free reign to view all of the customer’s information. It was on December 2, the hackers started sending the stolen

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