Argumentative Essay On Airport Security

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as we know it today is very different from what airline security used to be. To start we of course didn’t have the technology that we have access to now, from the body scanners to the advance metal detectors. To think of a time when it was in a “easy” to get through airport security is almost impossible in this day and age. Likewise, many people feel very differently on airport security, from feeling that they do too much and that they do too little. Overall, we will look at how the system has changed over the years and how it benefits us to have the TSA the way it is.
Something that intrigues me is the fact that overall airport security was extremely relaxed in the 1960s. However, as we move forward in time just a few years we are than bombarded with multiple aircraft hijackings coupled with the Cold War. The number of hijackings that took place between 1970 – 1973 was over 33 in just a matter of 3 years. Of course something needed to be done at this point, thus began an installation of metal detectors at nearly all commercial airports alongside scanning of all passengers bags. In a way this did
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However, there has been quite a bit of slip ups along the way that has caused people to cast doubt on a department of the government that tries its best to shield us. Starting from the Air marshals all the way down to the TSA agents at the gate, they have an incredible stressful job that involves putting themselves in harm’s way at all times. On that note, we also at times feel like we have to do so much just to board a plane, but one must understand that because there are unscrupulous people who mean harm on others, certain regulations and rules need to be put in place. Likewise, one way we can assist them in their job is by following the guidelines they give us for going through the checkpoint so that everyone can get where they are going safely and

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