Airport Security In Canada Essay

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The purpose of this research proposal is to provide an answer towards the question, does the current system of airport security keep people safe in Canada? The main objective for airport security in Canada is to provide public safety by maintaining and securing critical aspects of the current airport system. In researching various articles and other sources, it is hard to find an incident that has disrupted public safety through Canadian airports. What kind of system is The Government of Canada providing the citizens when travelling and ensuring safety? With over 30 million people travelling through Canadian airports, it is important to assess the safety of these people through the system developed by The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, …show more content…
In response towards the event that occurred on September 11, 2001, CATSA was created in order to ensure consistency in the delivery of screenings across Canada (CATSA Review, 2015). In studying CATSA, the four responsibilities that are currently mandated by CATSA are Pre-Board Screening; Hold-Baggage Screening; Non-Passenger screening; and Restricted Area Identity Card. Also if there is suspicion of some sort, there are additional screenings such as a physical search of the body and carry-on bag, and also swabbing. These security measures cover both passenger and non-passenger personnel inside the airport to ensure safety. According to the official Transport Canada website, the Government of Canada has dedicated funds towards air transportation safety against terrorist attacks (CATSA Review, 2015). The Government will provide $1.5billion over five years to CATSA (CATSA Review, 2015). This will provide airports with improved x-ray technology and ct scanners, new body scanners, and explosive detection. The same source provides the improvement and increased size of screening officers in Canada. In 2003 there were only 3,300 screening officers, and in 2009 there are 6,000 screening officers. With the increase in size of the authority in Canadian airports, the amount of luggage that has been screened has also increased to ensure nothing illegal has passed …show more content…
A article recently published by CBC about an incident that occurred in the Edmonton International Airport, a man was allowed on an airplane with a pipe bomb. A CATSA guard had actually caught him with the pipe bomb but he had told him “You can keep it” (CBC News, 2014). Another article that was researched has posed a question about the duties of a airport security official, what are they allowed and not allowed to do? Airport security officers are only responsible for the different screenings. They are not allowed to handle personal documents unless there is high suspicion of risk. “CATSA has no authority to detain anyone” (Macdonald, 2014). A CATSA security guard must contact a police officer immediately after responding towards an incident like finding a pipe bomb. After this incident a quote from Lisa Raitt, the minister of transportation, said “I will be calling the president of CATSA today to ensure the organization takes further action to better protect the safety of Canadian travellers (CBC News, 2015).” This was a reminder that CATSA is suppose to be all about safety and is the main

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