Narrative Essay On A Trip To Africa

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Trip To Africa When my dad officially confirmed that we were going to Senegal, Africa, I immediately started to practice my French. Everyday I school I spoke in French, to my teachers, friends and dad. I figured if I spoke it more often, I would be able to speak more fluently and get a response in French which would help my understanding.

Four weeks later I began packing. Excitement had taken control of my body. I ran back and folding and tossing my clothes right into my suitcase. “Make sure you pack at least one pair of pants and shorts. Going there and coming back will be cold” my dad said, knowing I would forget something. An hour later, I had finished. Loading my suitcase into the car was like lifting a sack of bricks.

I was so excited
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“Goodbye mom!” I said with excitement as I walked out the door. As we arrived at the airport, I immediately dashed straight to the trunk to get my suitcase because we didn’t have much time to get to our flight. Once we go to inside, we began a fast paced walk to the security check in. My dad was walking so fast in order to keep up, I had to keep a steady paced jog. Going through security was a little unnerving. “Where are you traveling to?” The security officer said. As best as I could, I tried answering just like an adult. “I am going to Washington D.C and following that flight, we are going to Senegal, Africa. “Great, safe travels.” The security guard said with smile. Next looked up to see a long conveyor belt with little tubs. I read the sign and followed the directions. I knew there was a line behind me so I ripped off my shoes with aggressions and placed all my objects in my tub. I rushed over to the next station where my dad was. This was one of my favorite parts. I got to walk through and large scanner with lasers which I thought was cool. Next a man with a large black and yellow rod. “Step over here, put your hands up and behind your head.” The man said. He waved the rod up and down my body to see if I had any objects with me. Finally we finished with security and headed to our …show more content…
I climbed about what felt like 100 stairs just to reach the base of the statue. At the top, the wind speed had tripled. The fast cold breeze had doubled, knocking me off balance. Throughout the whole trip, we visited the main landmarks such as, the president 's house, an amusement park called Magic land, and also went to the beach, where I swam in the ocean for the first time. “It’s so cold, I can’t do it!” I screamed seconds after I jumped in. The rest of the trip I spent walking around town visiting all my dad’s family and friends which I definitely

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