Africa And Mission Trip Essay

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Africa and mission trips are two topics that go hand in hand. When one is mentioned, the other is surly to follow. But this was not always the case. Missionary presence in Africa started around the fifteenth century when Portugal first made contact with Africa for trading routes. In order to gain land near the sea, the Portuguese “initiated the "Reconquista" project to recover Iberian lands from the Muslims” (Kalu 782-787). However, “…the force of the ministry weakened with the changing pattern of trade, internal politics, and the disbanding of the Jesuits” (Kalu 782-787), diminishing the impact of these missionaries. Later, Christianity was once again brought back in the 18th century, as slave trade forced many Africans to convert. In spite …show more content…
Prevalent diseases in Africa today include HIV and AIDS . Churches in Africa are helping against this by education. Other services such as a home, money, and child care are provided for those with such diseases (Manala). More recently, during the initial Ebola outbreak and even today, churches helped Africa with medical assistance. Just like during HIV/AIDS, missionaries are educating Africa about how to avoid getting infected. Several prevention precautions had been taken such as: “…women no longer wore veils to church, as they were often shared among churchgoers’(Mark). However, this effort can be improved. While many missionaries, especially those hosting foreign mission trips, are trying to work hard, they don’t have a sense of what will be most effective. According to John Donnelly “People should go with open minds, and they don 't. And they often don 't ask people on the ground, or they have one partner on the ground that does that … for the longer-term efforts,…you really have to understand the culture first”(Martin). Evidently, missionaries have an impact on African nations but with improvement, these efforts could become more

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