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  • Trade Choice Research Paper

    My trade choice is homeland security and my reasons why are as follows I can see myself in a Place of protecting people and making sure everybody can feel safe in their own area of living and also knowing the others in my work will also protect them while they are in a different area then their own. I made this choice to come to San Diego Job Corps Because I know this is a great program it gives you a second chance on life and gives you everything you will need to know about the area of work you…

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  • Mobile Security Essay

    There are many concerns that can impact a work environment affecting the company, employees, and customers that are faced every day. The damaging implications can arise from security concerns that could lead to theft, identity theft, fraud, and much more. The concerns that may arise when determining the proper security measure to insure in a company can only be beneficial when protecting the company before damage is done. As businesses incorporate a BYOD strategic plan, mobile security becomes…

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  • China's Security System

    Security; being free from danger and threats, has existed as a humanistic desire for as long as humans felt emotions. Obtaining a sense of security was the driving force behind China’s Great Wall. It curated the creation and growth of all the great armies of the world. It is why we pay hundreds of dollars a year to have our houses monitored, our cars insured, and our families protected. It is also why businesses spend millions of dollars to keep their personal and customers’ information safe.…

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  • Information Security: The Three Pillars Of Security

    The Three Pillars of Security When it comes to security of information there are three distinct levels involved in the protection of corporate information. In this paper, I will be examining each of these three levels of security, providing an example for each. The first and possibly the most noticeable is physical security, also known as enterprise security. The next level necessary in an organization is information security or managerial security. The third level of security is…

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  • Nasher Museum Case Study

    The security monitors the customers and individuals within the gallery space to ensuring that they not only follow the proper procedures while exploring the art at the museum. The security guards and the front desk employees all have a mutual level of respect. This is evident by the way the security guards acknowledge the front desk and other staff members. Its clear that the museum believes in the mission and vision of the museum by the way the employees treat one another and their customers.…

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  • Physical Security Research Paper

    security is related to facility maintenance and how it can be structurally vulnerable. These vulnerabilities can come in many forms but can be protected with a variety of access controls such as perimeter security (i.e. fencing, barriers, security guards, etc.), and monitoring equipment such as surveillance and alarm systems. It is imperative that preventive maintenance procedures are scheduled for these security devices to identify any environmental wear and tear or suspected tampering. As…

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  • Stryon Public Safety And Security Case Study

    Since the tragic incidents that took place in 2001, the level of security for government agencies has grown exponentially. According to the U.S. Security Spending Since 9/11 (2011), “The United States has spent more than $7.6 trillion on defense and homeland security.” This statistic caused a group of veterans to look at their surroundings and contemplate what is happening at home, where their families live and work? After much consideration and evaluation of current statistical and analytical…

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  • St James Palace Research Paper

    in front of the ambassadors’ main entrance. The security guard sitting next to the chauffeur jumped out and opened the back door as Yusuf Alfalaki got out of the car. The security guard entered the narrow revolving door first and Yusuf walked behind him. An old black woman raised her head while sitting at a small desk facing the main entrance as she was reading The Sun newspaper and looked at the two men in total silence. The security guard said, “Good morning! His Excellency, Mr. Yusuf…

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  • Theater Violence In Movie Theater

    The lights dim in the theater and moviegoers are excited to see the premier of a highly anticipated film, when suddenly a gunman walks into the theater, and opens fire on the crowd. This may seem like a scene from a horror movie, but on the night of July 20th, 2012 this scene became all too real. At the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 more. This horrifying incident changed the way people go to the movies. Security was increased at…

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  • State Patrol Research Paper

    a cool and calm head when you are under stress. People who have prior experience in this field are former soldiers, security guards, MP’S (military police). To gain experience prior to becoming a trooper, I can participate in ride alongs that will let me experience a day in the life of a state patrol officer (Minimum). You can also become a mall or casino security guard before applying to the state…

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