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  • St James Palace Research Paper

    in front of the ambassadors’ main entrance. The security guard sitting next to the chauffeur jumped out and opened the back door as Yusuf Alfalaki got out of the car. The security guard entered the narrow revolving door first and Yusuf walked behind him. An old black woman raised her head while sitting at a small desk facing the main entrance as she was reading The Sun newspaper and looked at the two men in total silence. The security guard said, “Good morning! His Excellency, Mr. Yusuf…

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  • Theater Violence In Movie Theater

    The lights dim in the theater and moviegoers are excited to see the premier of a highly anticipated film, when suddenly a gunman walks into the theater, and opens fire on the crowd. This may seem like a scene from a horror movie, but on the night of July 20th, 2012 this scene became all too real. At the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 more. This horrifying incident changed the way people go to the movies. Security was increased at…

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  • State Patrol Research Paper

    a cool and calm head when you are under stress. People who have prior experience in this field are former soldiers, security guards, MP’S (military police). To gain experience prior to becoming a trooper, I can participate in ride alongs that will let me experience a day in the life of a state patrol officer (Minimum). You can also become a mall or casino security guard before applying to the state…

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  • Private Policing Literature Review

    This literature review is on the topic of Private Investigator: Controversies & Opportunities of Plural Policing. This review will focus on several critical themes comparing and contrasting different author’s views on the issue, Identify key authors, findings & highlighting gaps in research. The most influential idea is the concept of a Nodal Government of security developed by Shearing (Wood & Shearing 2007, Johnston & Shearing 2003). This theory presented as an alternative approach to the…

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  • Private Security Partnerships

    Agreement between the United States of America and the Netherlands Since the September 11, 2001 attack on America, the country has viewed law enforcement and private security partnerships as essential in curbing terrorism and terror-related acts (U.S. Department of Justice, 2005). The government acknowledges that the private sector owns and protects about 85% of the nation 's infrastructure. Therefore, law enforcement agencies believe that private security partnerships are essential as they put…

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  • American Airlines Arena Case Study

    will be the location of convention activities and has protection of a perimeter fence, and a water exclusion zone. The weakest link is going to be the 500 vehicle-parking garage located directly under the Arena. It is monitored by a single security guard, and the potential for a vehicle born explosive is reasonable. Additionally, the Aryan Nation group as indicated an interest in attack the facility with the use of a vehicle born explosive. The likelihood for attack is…

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  • Jonathan Wick Dictator

    A structure in resemblance of a tower sits atop ruined pavement in a desolate field, residing within a predominantly vacant country. Packed as it used to be, no longer; for, the USA, along similar lines of other world powers, crumbled under the weight of division and civil war. Nearly had the country come close to falling entirely, before a man of around forty years of age stepped in and slithered his way into power. “President”, though what the powerful man chose to entitle himself, may be…

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  • Run Lola Run Analysis

    The security guard is saying that there are only a few foundational facts in life and everything else is subject to change. It does remind me of chaos theory. The only things you know factually about a chaotic, non-determinant system are the initial conditions. Very…

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  • Similarities Between Public Policing And Private Security

    agencies. Public policing are more restricted and limited by the government and laws, but have extended authority to render arrests or detaining possible offenders. Despite the fact that private security is not as limited by the government and laws; the guards are incapable in definite situations without requesting assistance from the public policing agencies at the scene for arrests, interrogating and detaining of a possible offender. Both agencies are useful and necessary for many situations…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Volunteering

    Near the entrance, there is an office for security guards, the volunteers, the program coordinator, the lifeguards where they can eat, take their breaks, and also they have their first aid kits available and other medical supplies in case of emergencies. Social issues in the lives of the population: There…

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