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  • The Garden Of Eden-Short Story

    take him. I looked over to the guards… they noticed him. One of the guards came rushing over, swearing at the boy and lifted the boy by his ear. The boy began to whimper as the guard threw countless slaps across the boy’s face. The guard took the boy into the jungle… every one stopped when they began to hear the boy wailing and crying out for help. The boy came out whimpering, holding on to his falling trousers as he ran in to the toilets. The guard came out a few seconds…

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  • Creatt Character Analysis

    Louie’s Most Important Character Traits Louie was always treated like an animal, caged up so that his dignity would be broken. In the hardest times, Louie would not give up but instead stand up to the POW guards. He was born in Torrance, California. Louie was impish, at a young age and he started to smoke and drink alcohol. He was a rebellious child growing up, which helped him survive many obstacles in the future. As Louie was growing up, he became a world class runner and even made it to the…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Surviving Tabora

    would make you feel pain for your own being. My focus is snapped in half by the piercing roar of the fiery guards. “Off the truck now!” The guard screeches with his automatic rifle gun pointed at our heads waiting for one of us to make a mistake. One by one I nervously wait for my name to be called that my hands are so clammy it is like a pond of water in my hands. “Truvor!? Truvor!” the guard screamed in our ears that it felt the whole world…

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  • Adam And Arek Romaniuk: A Short Story

    There have been thousands of migrant stories over the years, of people who have come to Australia for a new life. This is the story of Adam and Arek Romaniuk, who travelled from Krakow in Poland to Australia in the 1960s. World War two had raged through Europe in the 1940s, Poland was perhaps more affected than any other country. It was decimated and lost its independence. For 20-year-old Adam, a farmer from Krakow in the south of Poland, it meant witnessing much horror and despair at home and…

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  • Prison Reflection

    The security guards told us to make sure we took out our shoes and each and everything from our pants pockets. In Cummings the where security guards outside by the entrance where the cars enter taking the drivers name and ID checks. However in the rest of prisons there were no security checks by the gates. Cummings also had more security…

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  • Essay On Workplace Security

    In light of events that have taken place in the United States it is imperative that companies of all sizes have security plans in place to protect vital information and more importantly employees. Workplace security must be taken seriously in order for a company of any size to be successful. The amount of security that a company has depends entirely upon ownership, but is often based on the size and population of a company. Criminals are getting smarter and more daring in their efforts to…

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  • Intrapersonal Reflection Paper

    know more about me than I would have wanted him to know. He also reflected an abrupt style of conversation and not wanted to share about himself. It appeared as if he was hiding something from me. On another note, the responses from the two security guards made me ponder why this grey haired person gave money to them, or other people? Was he trying to bribe them by gaining his faithful reputation? According to my perception, though he had behaved in that unblemished way for years, revealing he…

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  • Summary: Hobby Lobby Security

    Hobby Lobby Security At the beginning of each shift we have assigned guards to check our equipment. This includes the trucks, golf carts, radios and pipes used to log tours in the buildings. We have a checklist for the truck and golf carts looking for damage, checking fuel/propane, and making sure everything is in working order. Teamleaders are responsible for making sure that all the office equipment, (radios, pipes, and keys) are turned in from the previous shift. Once the initial tasks are…

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  • Shell Drones Case Study

    with operating the drones. It is very crucial that I consider the operation cost because a large percentage of the company’s operating budget is devoted to maintaining security. Acquired drones cannot cost more to operate and maintain than Security Guards and other security implements that are currently in…

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  • My Reflection Of My Internship With Allied Barton

    dislike there are much more dislikes than likes. This I feel is mostly true for my fellow interns but it 's rather disappointing. Since this wasn’t the internship that I wanted they aren’t that many similarities to the activities performed as a security guard related to my career goals. That being said I wasn 't interning for the job I intended on going into I can’t say it wasn’t a learning experience for me. Looking at the likes they are mostly basic everyday job perks. I liked my boss Lisa…

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