Dialogue Essay: A Short Story

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Surrounded by an escort of the horsemen of King Alric’s Royal Guard, Larah and Riasean rode for an hour before she broke the silence. “So, you are an assassin?”
Riasean gripped the reins of his horse tighter. There is no point denying the fact. “Yes,” he admitted. “How did that happen – I mean how do you find yourself in the business of killing?”
Where to begin? Best keep it simple, and as close to honest as possible. “One has to do whatever it takes to survive – in my case, growing up in Tamor, it was simple – kill or be killed.”
Larah remained silent.
He pursed his lips, seeking a way to break the awkward silence. “Since the subject came up, how did you become a Druid?”
“I was born in Avalir and have spent my whole childhood training to
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They followed him toward a booth in the back, enclosed like the rest, but with a curtain at the opening. He drew the curtain back and waved them through. “Here you go,” he said smiling once again at Larah, then turned and walked away.
As Larah sat down, she said, “That was odd. What kind of tavern is this?”
Riasean pulled the curtain closed and sat down next to her. “I don’t think you want to know.”
She glared at him with narrow eyes. After a moment, she said, “Yes, I do want to know.”
He squirmed a bit in his seat before answering. “This is a tavern where men meet with prostitutes.”
Larah’s face registered confusion. Suddenly her eyes widened, and mouth dropped open. “He thought I was a ....”
Riasean tried but failed to repress a grin. “I told you not to ask. Besides, we are here to get some rest and have three hours. Stretch out on the seat.”
“Okay,” Larah grumbled. “What should I use for a pillow?”
He shrugged. “You could use my leg.”
“I think not,” she shot back. Instead, she curled up and lay her head on the hard wood of the seat. After fidgeting about for several minutes, she finally sat up. “Okay. Move closer. I need your leg.” Without a word, he extended it for her to rest her head on. In minutes, she fell sound

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