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  • The Importance Of Performance In Daytona Beach

    of a wonderful performance in Daytona Beach.he performance consisted of seven different contemporary dances choreographed by the two co-founders and Artistic Director of Surfscape Contemporary Dance Theatre: Kristin Bender Polizzi and Rachael McClellan Leonard. The performance took place at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University showing diverse pieces to many students and adults presented in the audience. In the first dance, Symphonic Histrionic, the theme was clearly…

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  • Steam Heat Performance Analysis

    The two clips I chose to compare and contrast were an NYC jazz and contemporary company’s performance of “Steam Heat” choreographed by Lisa Donmall-Reeve and Lindsey’s Stirling’s performance of a Les Miserables medley. Both clips exhibited a high degree of musicality and grabbed my attention almost immediately. They incorporated lighting and costuming with an incredible mastery to enrich the performance. I highly enjoyed the music that accompanied both dances and thought that the choreography…

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  • Dance Performance Review Essay

    as we continue to pass through history. When I went to the wonderful performance at Pierce College I experienced a whole new perspective on dancing. The concert had many types of students performing mixed dance projects of all types like solos and duets. There was an average size of one to eight dancers per project which made it the ideal size for the concert. I really enjoyed the creativity and effort put into this performance. The concert was so colorful when the students performed and the…

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  • Chicago Musical Performance Analysis

    Manik Nindra Performance #1: Chicago. 3/1/16 This performance took place from February 24th through the 28th of 2016 in Russell Auditorium. The musical’s setting took place in the 1920’s and consisted of 2 acts. Chicago consisted of jazz music, liquor, sex, and it showed how corrupt the judicial system was back then. After the show I spoke to Nich Stinson, who performed as a member of the male ensemble, and he told me that the musical was based on a true story. The first act of Chicago left…

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  • Theatre In Education Performance Analysis

    development Due to our piece being the style of a theatre in education performance, we decided that we should all multirole to remind the audience that what they are watching is fictional. We also thought that by multi-rolling everybody would get an equal speaking part in the performance. The main character of this piece is a teenage boy named Zac Wainright. We decided to follow the styles of a theatre in education piece by using a stereotype of the kind of person who would take drugs and…

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  • Dance Stage Performance Analysis

    paragraphs. Music The performance I was responsible for editing music. The background music of our production is often used film music. For example, Up, Inside Out and Requiem For A Dream. Also, there is some sound effect used in my soundtrack, such as the sound of school Bell Ringing, small group whispering…

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  • Stu Larsen's Performance Analysis

    Jiawei Yan, Kenneth Liao, and Yihui Liu took a bow as their audience of thirty-some undergraduate students fled the University Church. From start to finish the juxtaposition between the modern “Singer/Songwriter” and the Juilliard graduate students’ performance was conspicuous. The gap between each concert’s venue, audience, and etiquette were ways away from one another, yet some thread binds these two opposing experiences together. Music in any form and of any…

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  • Dance Performance Evaluation Essay

    Strings ‘n things and was performed on April fifteenth and sixteenth. This is meant to be an evaluation on my performance in this production. I will be explaining what I need to improve on in my arms, feet, and leg movements. Also, whether I tried my best and if I think I should move up a level in ballet. First, is my evaluation on my performance. To start with, I’d like to discuss my performance in my classes variations. My technique lacked in certain parts of the classes variation on both…

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  • Evening Of Dance Performance Analysis

    The collections of works shown in the Evening of Dance performance were very engaging. The three Booker T. Washington ensembles: World Repertory Ensemble, Repertory Dance Company 1, and Repertory Dance Company 2 were all able to convey the ideal emotions and create a visceral reaction. World Repertory Ensemble’s piece “Sofa” a traditional African performance choreographed by Moussa Diabate started the concert, the end of the first act was Repertory Dance Company 2’s “9/Tenths of the Law” a very…

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  • Contemporary Music Performance Analysis

    the concert. Without further hesitation, the soloist begins the excerpt from Bach. The style of this performance has changed due to variations in interpretation throughout the history of music. Music performance has evolved because of the enhancements of the classical period, propaganda of the war era, and technological interpretation of modern-day performances. The customs and arts of performances focused on the church and aristocracy before the economic growth of the middle class in the…

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