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  • Recital Performance Review Essay

    recital performance by Michael Patilla. I picked this recital, at the beginning of the semester, specifically due to his instrument, the guitar. Before I had attended this recital I had witnessed the guitar performances of many different genres of music, but never of classical pieces. Being familiar with the guitar made for a great reference point for many of the songs performed and added the little bit of musical experience I had to the situation. My overall impression of the performance was…

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  • My Reflection On My Performance

    Project 5 Reflection 1. What did I notice about how believable and relatable I was in this performance? I felt that the energy and enthusiasm I brought to the stories helped make my performance believable and relatable. I tried to include Broadway fan snippets in each story to help bring that relatability through the script and through the delivery. For example, the “not throwing away his shot” line about Lin Manual-Miranda, which is a snippet from a song from Hamilton. With entertainment news,…

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  • School Music Concert Performance

    During the final week of classes at Truman, I had the pleasure of hearing the school’s jazz bands in concert. During the concert, the Jazz Lab band and the Jazz Ensemble, both directed by Tim AuBuchon, played several jazz standards and modern favorites. The Jazz Lab band started out the night with five big band pieces. The instrumentation of the Jazz Lab band was standard for a big band; it included about four of each horn (saxophone, trumpet, and trombone), an upright bass, a piano, and a…

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  • Dance Performance Analysis: We Are Not The Who

    The show performed by the Emory Dance Company is composed by ten very impressive dance performances. These performances all have their distinctive themes and features. Some has very soft and extended movements and the others have very powerful movements. Among all these performances, the Juncture, We Are Not the Who, Somewhere else not here and PM 2.5 are the ones that I enjoyed most. The performance of juncture combine slow and fast as well as soft and powerful movements, and thus it is very…

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  • Waka Flaka Flame Performance Analysis

    On Wednesday, April 20th, I attended a small formal concert at Webster Hall. It was the annual Hunter College USG Spring Fling event; last year featured a performance by Fetty Wap, A very popular up and coming hip-hop artist. This year, Hunter students had the pleasure of seeing Oxymorons, the opening act and Waka Flaka Flame, the main performer. Waka Flaka Flame is a hip-hop artist who has been active in the scene since 2008. He is known for his popular hits “No hands”, “Round of Applause” and…

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  • Performance Management

    According to research, performance management has different approaches used by various organizations. However, it can be described as the process use to identify the outcome of a performance, whereas it agrees to monitoring the progress of the organization as well as documenting the plan. According to studies, the main purpose or the rationale behind the concept (performance management) is to monitor and evaluate the progress of a company ( Thus if there is not enough progress, then…

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  • Taming Of The Shrew Performance Analysis Essay

    Performance Analysis For Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew scene that our group had to perform, we made several key decisions in order to more accurately reflect the true personalities of our characters. These decisions affected the tone with which we spoke, the way did blocking on stage, the props in we used as well as the disguises we wore. To begin, our group decided it would be wise to go through the reading several times without acting out the scene first in order to get a feel for…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Last Live Performance

    The last live performance I saw was Zarkana in radio city music hall. I don’t remember the exact year but I remember that it was over the summer. It really was a captivating experience, as soon as I walked in there was characters greeting you with intricate face painting almost like tribal marking infused with modern painting techniques. I took my seat, as the show was about to begin. However there was a pre show before the actual show began. The relation ship with the audience was really breath…

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  • Live Performance And Observation In Charley's Aunt

    during ThunderBard and this specific performance I would somewhat agree with Ms. Ditor. It truly depends on the emotion and atmosphere of the play. If the play has more shocking elements it would make sense for the audience to be compelled to mentally ask “what will happen next.” If a performance is more about feeling the story that that question is not necessarily upon the minds of the audience. From the play I attended, I felt as though a live performance provides more of a personal…

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  • What Is The Negative And Positive Aspects Of My Performance

    wrong and I had to practice it all over again. I tried to use all of the theories and lessons I’ve learned this far in the semester to be as effective as possible. Through this paper, I will be examining the negative and positive aspects of my performance and how I believed it worked. I chose an award that I had won for Storytelling a semester ago. I chose this object because I had been working in the field and competing for this particular competition for two years. The competition was filled…

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