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  • Theatre Critique

    different movements, they seemed to be in unison. Also, the uniforms worn by all dancers created a visually homogeneous performance. The style of contemporary dance was used for the performance. The dancers displayed a combination of the strong and controlled legwork of ballet along with modern dance’s stress on the torso. Also, a lot of floor work was incorporated in the performance. Some dancers slid across the stage on their knees; by doing this they demonstrated the element body. While some…

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  • Donald Francis Tovey's Analysis

    relationship between analysis and performance stating that “as analysts use scores as avenues to the pieces they analyze, […] they can –and should, I would argue– refer to performances in order to get at the essence of the pieces they analyze.” He also believes that musical scores function as “a map of the piece” and “are not the piece itself.” Apart from this, he characteristically refers to performers as being “richer and more limited than scores” and to performances as being “necessarily only…

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  • Lindall Finley Wortham Dance Analysis

    made for a very pleasurable afternoon with little distractions during the performances. The seats were slanted down toward the stage and I sat in the center of the theater where I had a perfect view of the show. The Ensemble Dance Works showcase was made up of seven modern dance performances choreographed by various choreographers and performed by the University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance students. The two performances…

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Classical Music

    On November 3, 2015 I sat in the red velvet stadium seating of the west campus performance hall for the performance of Isaac Bustos and Mariana Gariazzo. Both performers are faculty of the Texas A&M Performance Studies department. The pieces performed varied from solo pieces and duet performances. The theme of the presentation was titled “the influence of folk music in classical repertoire”. The pieces performed included: Prelude 1 and 2 of Heitor Villa-Lobos, Bachianas Brasilerias #5 by…

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  • Orchestra Compensation

    performers all play the same role. Performers who are experienced with an instrument, rather in front of a live audience or not, are needed for their ability to play specific instruments for entertainment to those who wish to hear their talent. Performance per instrument appears to be on a need basis. A violin concert master is compensated with a fee of $6,970. Low on the totem pole is of performers is Violin II, who receives a compensation of $1,178. Obviously, the concert master is going to…

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  • An Analysis Of Performanc In Nichesa Jones's My Soul Sings '

    Dance @ Wright was presented by the ECU School of Theatre and Dance. An event, performed by a variety of dancers that collaborated essential moods for their entire performance. The mood and the mode of representation of the dance became a key aspect of the performance. As a viewer, I ask myself did the music accommodate the performance or vice versa. Did the choreographer focus more on the alignment of the body or did he or she portray realistically on the physical and design elements? What…

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  • Cultural Dance Review

    Balinese dances accompanied by traditional music. There were also traditional instrument performances during the show. This show had a lot of different components to it that pertained to…

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  • Personal Experience: Course Analysis

    childhood. I am talking about my shy, red face during my music performance or reading a poem in front of the class. I felt myself again a shy, little girl. But my major is Education. I love kids, to teach them and learn from them. But without performing skills I will not be able to be a successful teacher. I’m so glad that I had this opportunity to participate and learn a lot of helpful strategies that will help me to improve my teaching performance during my lessons. During this course, I…

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  • RSI Model Summary

    model functions in streamlining the organizational structure in such a way that the overlaps and redundancies in the structure are eliminated (Osterwalder, 2013). In our model, the chief principal managers will be responsible in evaluating the performance of the employees and therefore promoting and demoting the staff. They will be assisted by the assistant managers who will hire the staff. The publishing of findings will be done by the business unit heads who will be assisted by the team…

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  • Pina Dance Analysis

    series of performances by a extensive group of about twenty dancers. The movie consisted of a series of settings. Throughout the performances the aforesaid theme was applied. The dancers were consistently liberated, but sometimes used very sharp quick movements. The dancing styles were mostly modern and contemporary. The themes were quite troublesome to catch on to but I attempted to unravel each performance and use precise detail to explain the larger picture. There were two main performances…

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