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  • Live Performance Essay

    The live performance I attended took place at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida on November 20. This place is well known for its nightlife scene and endless entertainment options and live concerts, however this specific night something major was about to happen for all of us from the Cuban community. It was the first time that young Cuban musicians from different musical backgrounds, would come to U.S and offer a huge concert, all together on the same scenario. There was…

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  • Mariner Performance Analysis

    Part 1: Performance Description and Analysis The mariner, the navigator, the sailor, or the pirate? The performer identified himself as all of these depending on the situations during a particular time in the performance. One event that sticks with me the most, one that the entire performance was rooted in, was the killing of the albatross. The mariner made friends with the albatross before, one day, losing it and killing it with his bow and arrow. This shaped the rest of the…

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  • Reflection On The Performance Ensemble

    In the Performance Ensemble’s production of The Fiery and the Snuffy; or, As If Through Separation, the students had a opportunity to develop and workshop their own characters. Once each student created their own unique characters they brought them all together to create a single work. Overall, I found the performance interesting to watch; however, I found that at times the multiple storylines were complicated and hard to follow. There were moments that completely captivated my attention as an…

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  • Distilled Performance Analysis

    The groups concept for the distilled performance is to make it a presentational performance. Since we can not use actual props or costumes, it just makes more sense to make it presentational and allows for more creative thinking. Another concept for this performance that is being worked on is a presentational table; which will be further explained later. Other than those concepts, another concept that has been brought up is presenting this performance while in a semi-circle. By doing so, it…

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  • Ballet: Videotaped Performance

    After an entire semester of ballet class, I am able to say that I acquired the most basic knowledge of the field. Although my performance was not always the best, I managed to learn the sequences and movements. By watching the videotaped performance, I was able to identify the aspects of ballet technique that were taught along the semester and that I performed correctly, as well as the aspects that need further correction and improvement. Also, as compared to the midterm self-evaluation, it is…

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  • Live Performance Observation

    overwhelmed when searching for a theme that is intriguing while also giving a new perspective to what some would call basic observations of a live performance. With that said, I found it immensely relieving when I began to take field notes and quickly detected a pattern among spectators that grasped my curiosity. My event was a live rock and roll musical performance by the band “Finish This” that took place at approximately nine o’clock on Saturday, November 26th in the…

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  • Theater Performance Critique

    For my Live Performance Critique Assignment I saw the theater performance “Future Thinking”. The story revolved around a man named peter probably in his late forties or early fifties being questioned by the security guard Jim about not following the rules of his restraining order with a young actress named Chiara. Peter is absolutely in love with Chiara and would do anything just to get her autograph even if that meant breaking the restraining order. By Peter being the stalker he is he did end…

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  • Diaghilev Performance Observation

    summer where I performed right outside the entrance the to the showcase. I performed the roles of the Faun in Vaslav Nijinsky’s Afternoon of a Faun, and Prince Ivan in The Firebird. The two performances we did were received very well by over 1000 people. The exhibit was quite inspiring for these performances, like seeing the costumes for the Nymphs in Afternoon of a Faun gave me chills. Though the video of the restaged version of the ballet with Nureyev as the title role seemed overdramatic…

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  • An Octoroon Performance Analysis

    An Octoroon Performance Critique I had the opportunity to attend Theatre UCF’s production of An Octoroon at the UCF Theatre in Orlando, Florida. Throughout my life, I have had the experience of going to productions at the secondary school level, club level, collegiate, and professional/Broadway level. In my opinion, Broadway shows have always amazed me and continue to bring the highest level of acting and musicality. However, shows at the secondary, club, and collegiate level all have the…

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  • Sample Dance Performance Review

    dance performances, each representing a different style of dance. These dance performances were created by different choreographers, some being students of Old Dominion University that are in the dance program, special guest artist, and or professors. The guest artist for this year’s spring concert Ann Sofie Clemmensen. All the dancers that performed in the show are all Old Dominion University students that participate in the school’s dance program. While watching the concert, the performance…

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