Chicago Musical Performance Analysis

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Manik Nindra
Performance #1: Chicago. 3/1/16 This performance took place from February 24th through the 28th of 2016 in Russell Auditorium. The musical’s setting took place in the 1920’s and consisted of 2 acts. Chicago consisted of jazz music, liquor, sex, and it showed how corrupt the judicial system was back then. After the show I spoke to Nich Stinson, who performed as a member of the male ensemble, and he told me that the musical was based on a true story. The first act of Chicago left me in shock and was not what I expected. We found out that a famous theatre actress from the 1920’s, Velma, killed her husband and sister after she found them in bed together, she was later arrested. A couple scenes after, a chorus girl murdered her lover. We learned that this chorus girl, Roxie, was married. The audience’s mind was stunned when we learned this, and to add to the shock Roxie was later arrested and taken to jail. The jail consisted of many actresses and was basically a theatrical community within itself. Velma and Roxie were angry with each
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March 11th, 2016 “Song and Dance” was performed by Georgia College’s wind symphony in the Russell Auditorium on March 11th. The last performance I went to was Chicago and this concert entertained me just as much. The whole concert was very calming and soothing to the ears. Everyone in the concert kept their professionalism to a tee – it was a great performance. In the first piece there was a girl who performed “Words of Love” and had a beautiful voice, the wind orchestra accompanied her. “Down a Country Lane” was very emotional and pulled me in; the ensemble played the piece with a slow and steady rhythm. The final piece, “The Klaxon”, was performed by an ensemble that got the crowd moving. The piece was very upbeat and ended the concert on a good note. Overall, the concert was very entertaining because each piece was diverse in its own way and we did not know what to

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