Sample Dance Performance Review

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I went to go see the University Dance Theater Spring Concert on April 13, 2016 at 8:00 pm. This concert had ten different dance performances, each representing a different style of dance. These dance performances were created by different choreographers, some being students of Old Dominion University that are in the dance program, special guest artist, and or professors. The guest artist for this year’s spring concert Ann Sofie Clemmensen. All the dancers that performed in the show are all Old Dominion University students that participate in the school’s dance program.
While watching the concert, the performance that really caught my attention was “[Press]”. “[Press]” was a contemporary dance performances, that was choreographed by Sheena
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This year’s guest artist Ann Sofie Clemmensen choreographed this dance performance. This modern dance performance had one male and two females in it. In the beginning of the performance, the dancers lined up in line going across the stage. Throughout the performance, there was a lot of running, sliding on the floor, and rolling on the floor. The dancers in this performance had on costumes that looked like 60’s housewife dress. I say this because the dresses had this older floral pattern on them, commonly worn by wives in the 60’s. For this performance, there was no set instead the choreographer decided to use chairs as props in the dance. Since there was not a set, the choreographer had to make the mood using only the lighting and music. The mood of this performance was serious, because the lighting were spotlights that focused only on the dancers and their movement. Etude Op.10, no.10 in A Flat Major by Frederic Chopin (performed by Edward Neeman); Liebestraum no.3 in A Flat Major, Op.62 by Franz Liszt (performed by Josef Bulva) was the music used for this performance. These songs have a slow tempo, which made the dancers dance slowly. This dance performance reminds me of something Martha Graham would choreograph. I say this because in Martha Graham’s pieces, she like to have the body as the main focal point.
In my interpretation of the modern dance performance “Behind the Wall of Flowers”. The purpose of this performance was to entertain. I was this because even though the mood was serious, the dancers seemed relaxed and happy. In my opinion of this performance, I did not really like it. I did not like it because it seemed very unoriginal, boring, and all over the

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