High performance liquid chromatography

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  • Kratom Powder Case Study

    Kapp, Maurer, Auwärter, Winkelmann, and Hermanns-Clausen (2011) describe a case of a 25-year-old male who developed jaundice and pruritus after ceasing to ingest Kratom. The patient had been using Kratom acquired “via the Internet (www.thai-kratom)” for two weeks (Kapp et al., 2011, para. 3). On the second day after having quit taking the Kratom powder the man began experiencing subjective fever and chills. Restlessness and insomnia was also reported by the patient, possibly signalling…

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  • Pyrenehexanoic Acid Synthesis Lab Report

    1-pyrenehexanoic acid was used as the 5-carbon linker and fluorescent component of the target molecule "PYRET-5". This molecule was purchased pure along with the sugar Trehalose, the molecule to which the pyrene was to be attached. Other reactants and solvents include HATU, HBTU, N, N-Diisopropylethylamine (DIPEA), sodium azide, Dimethylformamide (DMF), and Diphenyl phosphoryl chloride and were bought pure or used as received. All reactions were run at room temperature (298.15 K) and standard…

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  • Decitabine Case Study Solution

    obtained from Merck Specialties Private Limited,Mumbai.Active pharmaceutical ingredients Decitabine were supplied by Spectrum Pharma Research Solutions, Hyderabad. [3]The formulation was purchased in a local market. Instrumentation The High performance liquid chromatography system consists of A suitable HPLC having a isocretic system equipped with auto rheodyneinjector , UV detector. Chromatographic conditions The chromatographic separation was performed on Develosil ODS HG-5 RP 150mm x 4.6mm…

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  • Monsanto's Round Up

    Glyphosate is a chemical which is widely used as a systemic herbicide in many of the most popular commercially available weed killers. Notably, perhaps the most popular and often used of these products is Monsanto’s Round Up which has become a staple of farming in the United States as well as many other countries over the past several decades. However, the overuse of glyphosate based herbicides has led to its decreased effectiveness and has forced many farmers to look elsewhere for weed…

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  • Schole Pepper Spicy Research Papers

    enough sugar was added so that the spiciness could not be tasted, that amount of sugar was recorded and the system was converted into a scale. There are more efficient ways to determine the amount of capsaicin in a pepper, such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). HPLC separates compounds based on how they react to water. When the capsaicin content is determined, it is converted into ASTA pungency units. To stay consistent with the Scoville scale, the number is then converted…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Pursuing My Career Goals

    “defended” my country but also, in some way, ensures that I “defended” the human condition by providing healthcare and researching topics that could potentially improve the quality of life. I am aware that pursuing this lifestyle calls for candidates with a high level of motivation. I believe that I am a qualified individual. I am a first generation American and college attendee. Coming…

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  • Colistin Lab Report

    delivery system and an autosampler thermostatically controlled at 4°C (Waters Assoc., Milford, MA, USA) in addition to a Waters Micromass Quattro micro-API triple-quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer (ii) Chromatographic conditions. Reversed-phase chromatography is going to be performed on a C18 XBridge column (5.0 μm, 150 by 2.1 mm [inner diameter]; Waters). The mobile phase will be 0.1% (vol/vol) formic acid in acetonitrile-0.1% (vol/vol) formic acid in water (20:80, vol/vol). A flow rate of…

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  • Hplc Analysis

    4.3 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) An HPLC analysis was carried out for the Fraction C2-7 for confirmation of the results obtained by TLC analysis. According to the HPLC chromatogram, there is only one peak was observed at the retention time of 4.510 minutes. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is only one compound presents in the Fraction C2-7. Basically, the first few small peaks in the chromatogram which is around 2-3 minutes are ‘noise’ from the injection that been made…

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  • Solubility Of L-Nna Case Study

    With low drug solubility but high intravenous dose required, there is a problem in the preparation of L-NNA as a parenteral product. The incorporation of highly soluble adjuvants can improve the solubility of L-NNA. The types of adjuvants and conditions for improving the solubility…

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  • C Coronatus Photosynthesis Essay

    Due to the tidal schedules and the fact that these species are in the inter-tidal zone, the C. coronatus specimens were collected from Zeyton Park of Qeshm Island (location: N 26055.631; E 056015.209). Extraction conopeptide extraction was performed by venom ducts isolation from the cone snails on ice, then cold water and acetonitrile 40%, which completely deoxygenation was added and slowly homogenized in a homogenizer (model Silent crasher, Heidolph, Germany), in ꒼ 16000 rpm for 5 minutes…

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