Pharmd Program Personal Statement

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My proclivity towards Pharmaceutical Sciences, especially for Drug interaction with the human body, became intense when I met my uncle who is a pharmacist and was visiting to advise my father for his medications. At that point, I was in 9th grade. I was curious how these chemicals can heal human body and help people to get healthy. I realized that I wanted to delve deeper into the subject that helped my father to recover from his illness. I made up my mind to pursue a career in the Pharmaceutical field.

Being encouraged by my uncle to follow my passion and to never stop learning, I participated in science exhibitions and debate competitions and even won many prizes. I got a chance to do Biology project in 9th grade, Testing glucose levels in different food and drinks. Using glucose strips and different food and drinks, I was amazed how small strip can measure glucose levels in different
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The PharmD Program will provide the exposure that is required to broaden my thought process, knowledge and will bring about an overall development of my personality. As most of the participants within the Program will already have substantial academic knowledge in my chosen field, it would be an excellent platform to learn from them and also augment my academic competencies, skills, irrefutable potential, and vision will be an immeasurable contribution to the Program.

I found myself very much attracted and interested to the research work being carried out by outstanding faculties at your esteemed university. PharmD program at your university perfectly suits my requirements. I am confident that a PharmD at your reputed University would greatly enhance my research expertise, giving me necessary competence and taking me closer to my dream. I hope that the admissions committee finds my background and strengths commensurate with the requirements of _______________ PharmD

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