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  • Cultural Differences Between Christianity And Buddhism

    The Christian belief differ vastly from the Buddhists in many ways. The differences are obvious in the way each sect view nature people and God. It is important to point out that each is aiming to something greater. The Old Testament had foretold the coming of Christ years ago.in due time God sent him to save the world. Christianity teaches us that we can only be saved by the blood of Christ where area Buddhism o accentuates. on a moral philosophy, an proper way to live for the here and now of…

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  • Exploring Christian Purpose

    someone in power over your position. (Blue Letter) But Christian’s aren’t just called worshippers, but to be holy as God is, as we see in 1 Peter 1:15. The definition of this word holy by Webster 's Third New International Dictionary: of the English Language is “Set apart and dedicated to the service or worship of God.” Donald Grey Barnhouse in his book God’s Methods of Holy Living, says “God demands that we give Him holiness equal to His own.”He also states that “ When a Christian begins to…

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  • Analysis Of Perpetua's Tale Of Martyrdom For Christianity

    to the care of her son. Also, while her father mentions everyone else who loves and will miss her, saying “Have regard for your brothers, look upon your mother and your aunts, look upon your son who will be unable to live after your death...” (12), but never once mentions her husband. This lack of information on her marital life could be the result of their relationship not being up to devout Christian standards. On this note, it seems strange that her father seems to be the only member of her…

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  • Assignment 8: 28: 13: 1: 5 Doctrine And Covenants

    In order to do that, however, tests and instruction must be given. This mortal life is an opportunity of immense spiritual and intellectual growth. That growth comes naturally for some, and less naturally for others. Thankfully, our Heavenly Father has given instructions through His servants and the scriptures as to how we can increase this knowledge. Because of this, teaching is an integral part of religion, and, Christ’s Gospel. By further understanding the principles of teaching and…

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  • Romans 4: 1-25 Analysis

    Righteousness results in faith in God. The promise of salvation is only received through our faith not through our actions as a result of our faith. Romans 5:1-11, God’s grace made us righteous through Christ’s salvation therefore the peace that is received as a result of our knowledge…

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  • Children Of God Analysis

    Children of God In LDS theology, it is a widely accepted doctrine that all people are literal children of God. From primary age, members sing “I am a child of God, and he has sent me here.” However, outside the LDS church, and even occasionally inside, this belief is largely misunderstood and there is much confusion about what exactly is meant by being ‘Children of God.’ Summarily, LDS members believe that God is the literal, not metaphorical, father of our spirits, and He sent us to earth to…

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  • Matthew's Language Analysis

    of Matthew 6 is devoted to the attitude of the Father toward his children as worshippers and those seeking his aid. The Father is concerned with the inner character or true person of the child rather than outward performance – which is to say that what the child is at a fundamental level is more important to the Father than what the child does. Matthew extends this teaching into an invitation to trust in the benevolent character of the attentive Father who “knows our need before we ask” and yet…

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  • Nazianzus Hermeneutical Strategies

    One of the hermeneutical strategies used by Nazianzus is the incomprehensibility of God. God is something that can never be fully described by human words, as the subject of God “is impossible to [express], and yet more impossible to conceive,” as no human can see the face of God and lived to tell the tale on this side of eternity. Nazianzus defines God by what God is, but does not try to “comprehend the whole of so great a subject as this,” because it is utterly impossible. Dr. Valeria A.…

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  • Retreat Reflection Paper

    This weekend has been pretty thought-provoking for me. We have heard stories regarding how others have found God and the different ways He can be perceived. And it is with this talk, I will expand on both of these notions. I want to share, the results of my friendship with God. Everyone has had different experiences, and He speaks to us in very diverse ways. In my life most often, in the form of something I least expected. When I am out and about and meet a stranger, or when I spend time with…

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  • Why The Father Makes Up The Trinity

    The trinity is made up of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Many people question why God the Father is the first person that makes up the trinity. The three reasons we learned in class why Father is first in the trinity is: if there is a son then there is a father, Jesus called God the Father “Father”, and God the Father has many characteristics of fatherhood. The Trinity started with God the Father and life starts with a “Father” and we are his children whom he made us all equal and all in…

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