G-D's Omnipotence Analysis

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G-d’s Omnipotence:

Can a man truly know G-d? When a person studies His attributes, he can easily feel distant from G-d and He becomes unapproachable. How may one approach G-d’s throne with the intent to know Him more? Questions like this have perplexed human minds since the dawn of time. Throughout the ages, man has tried to know G-d and grasp Him in all of His fullness. Yet, all has been in vain. The Holy scriptures speak of G-d’s great wisdom and omnipotence that no man can fathom. The shear height and glory of His majesty surpasses anything the mind of man could ever conceive. Countless philosophers have grasped the perception but not the actual person of G-d. Man, born with fleshly, sinful natures, could never in his fallen state hope to know G-d. Even the Scriptures pose questions concerning whether or not a man can truly know his Creator. Only with the Holy Spirit as our teacher and mediator to the Father, it is possible for a man to know G-d intimately. Since G-d is omnipotent, only He knows how to reveal Himself to finite man
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Omnipotent comes from the two Latin words omni meaning “all” and potent meaning “able to do and have power.” Thus, omnipotent means “able to do all and to have all power.” The power of G-d is displayed throughout the Scriptures. Mathew 19:26 tells us that G-d can do all things. Luke 1:37 states that nothing proves impossible for Him. Revelation 19:6 also uses the very word we defined in describing G-d in praise. G-d possesses all power and He is all ruling. Even Satan, the “god of this age”, acknowledges that his power only comes from G-d. G-d’s omnipotence radiates throughout the Bible and all its miracles and wonders. Yet, the greatest proof for His omnipotence lies in His power to deliver humanity. The debt of man proved too great for any natural means of emolument. Only unlimited power could pay the

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