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  • The Holy Trinity: The Monotheistic Deity Of Hinduism

    Through all religions though many differentiate in ways of practice, rituals, and other dynamics all have one thing in common, a deity or deities that guide them through everyday life. A deity (or more commonly known as a god) is, by definition, a God, god, or goddess who seen as divine or sacred by the people of the religion. The deity/deities of a religion are usually the focus point of a religion. The deity/deities also typically give knowledge or advice to its followers by means of written…

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  • What Does Faith Mean To Me

    watching this video when we serve and put others first the Lord will take care of us. When I serve other not only will it help me feel better about myself but I truly believe that when I do that God will grant more of an understanding of why things may be happening in our life which will strengthen our faith in God in his plan. When we follow Christ and do what he did in his life we will progress in all aspects of our lives whether it be temporal or…

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  • Elizabeth Johnson's View Of The Doctrine Of Trinity

    According to Barth, the Doctrine of Trinity states that the “God in Himself is eternally God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” and he cannot be judged for his work and activity. Catherine LaCugna, Sallie McFague, and Elizabeth Johnson have views that contradict with Barth’s views. Catherine LaCaugna’s thinking is not shaped by who God really is. She says that there is a mystery of communion. This mystery of communion includes both humans and God as beloved partners. She also refuses the existence…

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  • Return Of The Prodigal Son Literary Analysis

    welcomed home by their father. One is not more or less than the other brother, they are equal in their father’s eyes. The father although sees their qualities as equal, also realizes that the are not the same person, but still wants them to know that they do belong to the same household and the same father. (pg. 105) What this emphasizes is the fact that, “ love existed before any rejection was possible and that will still be there after all rejections have taken place.” The father (God) doesn’t…

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  • Childhood Abuse In Frankenstein

    the conformative belief in God being the savior and heavenly father of the people. The accumulation of these symbols and passive messages suspect to be Shelley’s voice in speaking of her tragic life and the lack of a parental love to keep her going. The young writer was born into a family of tremendous status. Her mother, a famous writer of feminist activism and her father, a political philosopher. Sadly, Shelley’s mother died ten days following her birth and her father went on to marry another…

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  • Joseph's Time: The Life Story Of Joseph In The Bible

    the trials that he suffered through and his committed, unwavering faith towards God in which he was ultimately, handsomely rewarded for. Joseph’s long journey all starts with his brothers. They resented him more than anyone else because he was the most favored by their father Jacob. His father even had an expensive coat made just for him. The bitterness grew even deeper with each of them after Joseph had told them that God had given him a dream; Joseph’s whole family was to bow down to him. This…

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  • Summary Of The Guardian Of Bristol's Orphanage By George Muller

    parents or food to eat. George Muller lived in the nineteenth-century. His father, Johann Muller, was the only family he had. Johann Muller was a tax accountant who lost his wife long ago. When George was young, he was a trouble maker that always wanted to steal, cheat,…

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  • Boy In The Striped Pajamas: Cultural And Personal Identity

    with in a place where they are all alone. They have none of the prejudices or assumptions about each other that those older than them would have casted on each other. Cultural and personal identity is seen through Bruno wanting to be just like his father when he is pretending to be one of the German fighter planes with his friend. For Shmuel he develops his personal and cultural identity by also watching his…

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  • Come Thou Almighty King Summary

    words, it is a call to worship where the author expresses the nature and the attributes of God. Also, according to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia; “the divinity of Christ can be understood when one believes that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God as affirmed in this hymn. T. Rees describes the importance of the church 's worship and doctrine in order to honor God.” Moreover, the unity of God and His power must be considered because the Holy Spirit represents the divinity of Christ,…

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  • Athanasius On The Incarnation

    accomplished, and what the effects are of that in the world today. Athanasius makes an in depth case for Christ being fully God and fully man. He boldly argues for it, responding to the Jews, Gentiles, and heretics of the day. What is not as overtly emphasized, but equally important, is the role of the Trinity. Indeed, this book shows that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one God, yet they each have important roles to play in the process of salvation. I consider the unity and diversity of…

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