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  • Pastor Keller The Meaning Of Marriage

    Job 2:9 His wife said to him, “Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!” As you can see even those closest to a believer can be more like enemeies than family or friends when it comes to our relationship with God. Tonight we will dive into our identity as members of the Christian family. We also will see why having ourselves rooted in that identity gives us both the command to love those outside of that family, and the power to correctly do so. In Pastor Timmothy Keller 's…

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  • Nature Of Christianity

    nature of God, His existence and influence on human nature. Christianity can be defined as the name accorded to a definite system of religious practices and beliefs which were taught by Jesus Christ in the Palestine country. This occurred during the reign of Tiberius, a Roman Emperor (White, 2010). His teachings were promulgated for the acceptance of the whole world by Jesus’ disciples. The paper aims at providing information on certain answers regarding Christians View of Nature of God. In…

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  • There Are Two Prayers Always Worth Prayer

    praying, “Lord show me myself” and “Lord show me thyself.” May both be heard, and you will be taught of God! Gifts come from a single source to benefit the entire church. Every individual has an important part to play in the church. The gift of communication is an effective way of prayer. Communication is making a connection with people or places. Within the Christian walk communing with God would seal the deal within your business environment. Beginning right is essential when we begin our…

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  • The Image Of God In Man Research Paper

    God, the creator of the universe, has undoubtedly been eventful in His Eternal Existence. Let’s look at proofs in Genesis shall we? He generates the earth, and then He rest on the seventh day; after everything was completed and looking good, God decided to craft one of His most supreme masterpieces ever, man. The entity that is so unique about the formation of man is that God didn’t make man like he made the heavens, earth, or any of the animals; because man was made in His image. So many…

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  • Case Study On The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who takes everything God has for us and brings it to us. In the Bible, we find that there are five truths about God which are known as there is one God, the Father is God, Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is God, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct persons (UCF Class Discussion, 11/10/16). The Holy Spirit frees us from sin, along with helping us understand what God brings to us. In class, we studied two different case studies, where…

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  • Itian Hymn Analysis

    other words, it is a call to worship where the author expresses the nature and the attributes of God. According to “The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, the divinity of Christ can be understood when one believes that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God as affirmed in this hymn. T. Rees describes the importance of the church 's worship and doctrine in order to honor God.” Moreover, the unity of God and His power must be considered because the Holy Spirit represents the divinity of Christ,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Healing

    Healing of Memories I God often gifts us in the very areas we have received healing and liberation. While I have witnessed physical restoration and healing in response to prayer, it is in the area emotional/spiritual healing that God most frequently calls for healing. My faith for this ministry was enlarged as God reached into the wounds of my past and released me from the bondage of fear into the process of finding the perfect freedom He has provided for His children through the victory of the…

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  • Holy Spirit Approach To Counseling

    Christ the Holy Spirt will already be working to draw the person to their knee in repentance and recognition of their need. No man can come to the Father unless they are drawn by the Holy Spirit (John 6:44). Until the Holy Spirit opens their eyes to their need, they will remain blinded by their sin. The Holy Spirit plays multiple rolls in the believer’s life, God states that He dwells inside of the believer (1Corinthians 6:19), has sealed the eternal security of the believer (Ephesians 1:13) and…

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  • Dover Chapel's Jubilee Dance

    continued it 's jubilee portion of the retreat as a Young woman named Ayana displayed her God given dance talent as glorification to God. It was a very graceful and elegant dance this beautiful young African American sister from Jubilee dance Nyc It was to very peaceful music of piano and drums. Everyone in attendance was drawn in as if the holy spirit was on the stage. It was like an intoxicating display of her God blessed gift. As the performance went on, she became more animated and…

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  • Key Themes Of My Spiritual Journey

    Christian home so it was not until a later part of my life that I truly experienced God. I had heard different things about god through school and random TV shows I watched but my view of him was that he did not care about me. The reason for that being was because my father had left my family and me when I was 4 years old to go start a family with another woman he was seeing. I tried to have a relationship with my father but it just left me broken because he had a son with the woman he was…

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