Analysis Of Michael Reeves's Delighting In The Trinity: An Introduction To The Christian Faith

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Introduction & Thesis Identification For humans, the concept of the trinity has bewildered many of us for quite some time. I am fully convinced we will never know the concept of our triune God in its entirety this side of eternity. Though we cannot understand it fully, there is a plethora of knowledge we can obtain on God’s trinitarian nature. Saying God is triune actually has vital implications for us as Christians regarding topics such as the internal consistency of scripture, our salvation, and creation. In the book Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith by Michael Reeves, Reeves explains why a triune God is essential for the Christian faith and explores the implications of the concept of the trinity for believers.
The primary focus of Reeves in chapter one is the question “What was God doing before creation?” The answer according to Reeves is he was loving. Reeves explains that before creation, the father was
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Rather, living our lives in submission to those rules, is a result of truly understanding the love between the members of the trinity and recognizing what the real problem is – unhealthy love for ourselves. Secondly, I have never stopped to ponder how greatly the spirit connects me to the Father and the son. As Reeves said, He is the one whom allows me to share in the fellowship in the trinity and helps in my fellowship with others. Finally, the explanation of the origin of the Father’s love in the opening chapters reaffirms that the Father’s love for us is real. I can feel valued and understand my worth by realizing that the all mighty creator of the universe cares so deeply about me. It is not like a love of this world nor one I as a human can fully comprehend, but a real compassionate love that is defined by the trinities love for one

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